Should Police Have Done More to Find Missing Women?

Gina DeJesusAfter yesterday's amazing report that three women, all missing for a decade, were found alive, reports are emerging about the women's histories before their abductions -- and in at least two cases, it seems like more should have been done to try and find them.

No Amber Alert was issued the day Gina DeJesus went missing in 2004, because no one saw her abduction. This angered her father, Felix DeJesus. He said Amber Alerts should be issued for any child, whether police believe they've run away or been kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Michelle Knight's disappearance in 2002 was treated with even less concern.

Michelle's life had been on a downward spiral since she was assaulted at school at the age of 17, according to her mother. She got pregnant soon afterward and ended up losing custody of her son. When she disappeared on the day of a custody hearing, police theorized that she had left voluntarily because she was upset about the custody battle:

The Cleveland police's missing-person report detailing Michelle Knight's disappearance is brief, stating that she had a mental condition and frequently was confused by her surroundings. She was last seen at a cousin's house near West 106th Street and Lorain Avenue, the report states.

Despite the police report, her mom was convinced that her daughter had been kidnapped, and continually canvassed the city looking for her daughter, even after she moved away from Cleveland. Tragically, Michelle's mother is still waiting to reunite with her daughter -- police haven't even told her how to get in contact with Michelle, now that she's out of the hospital.

In both of these cases, the women's parents were certain that their daughters had been abducted, while police seemed to take their disappearance far less seriously. This has to make you wonder about all the other missing women out there who are treated like runaways. Often, we see their parents on the news, swearing up and down that their daughters never would have left on their own. Perhaps it's time for detectives to begin taking these parents more seriously.

I'm also interested in Felix DeJesus's belief that even runaways deserve an Amber Alert. As a parent, I'd want the same for my child, but I could also see Amber Alerts being issued all day, every day if runaways were included, and I'm not sure they'd have the same impact on the public that they do now.

What do you think about the way these women's disappearances were handled? Should police have done more to find them? Why do you think police seemed so unconcerned about these missing women?


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Vegeta Vegeta

They weren't unconcerned, they probably had a detective each, working on their cases. They fit a runaway profile so with no other evidence, that's what police went on.

I think an amber alert should be issued for runaways after its been a few days with no sign of them. Make sure they're not at a friend's house or something first.

Melan... MelanieJK

It doesn't sound like they looked into the possibility that the cases were connected enough to me.     Thinking any one of them MIGHT be a runaway doesn't mean they should treat them as dissimilar cases.   

Nancy... NancyJ422

In Connecticut we have a Silver Alert.  I just looked at one issued on Monday and the girl was last seen Sunday afternoon.  Gave her description and what type of car she was driving or possibly in.  It was even updated on Tuesday that she was found in New York.

Who gives a Sh*( whether it's a runaway - if the notice goes out and people see it, he or she can possibly be found.  Just because you run away doesn't mean you don't want to be found.  Usually you do.

TerriC TerriC

I think there should have been an amber alert either way.  In reading a few things in the paper, here and other websites, I do tend to think the poilce could have done more in many instances in this case.

MamaM... MamaMandee

I think they could have done more. 

count... countrygirlkat

I can't really say because we don't see everything police may have been doing behind the scenes in these cases.

la_be... la_bella_vita

I think they could have done more just by reading this.

.Ange... .Angelica.

I think the police can do more. the police wouldn't go looking for my brother when he disappeared because he had only been gone a few hours and he was 13 so they said he was likely a runaway though we knew he was not. a clean up crew ended up finding his body the next morning. had the police actually tried to help us, maybe we could have found him in time.

dusky... dusky_rose

I think that they could have, but they didn't. The police are overworked as it is, and while it's sad that these women didn't get found sooner, it's easy to point fingers of blame and say "what if".

sanj1213 sanj1213

I think so. 

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