Mom Arrested for Killing Toddler for ‘Whining’ Is Pregnant With a Second Child Too

chelsea huggettA 21-year-old mother in Florida has just admitted that she killed her toddler by smashing her head into a wall. Chelsea Huggett has been arrested and charged with murder and child abuse in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Aliyah Marie Branum. Stomach not turned enough yet? How's this: Huggett is also currently eight months pregnant.

After being arrested on May 2, Huggett admitted to shaking her child, head butting her, and smashing her head into the wall because she wouldn't stop "whining". An autopsy on Aliyah showed bruising all over her entire body, and a fractured skull and hemorrhaging on her brain. Excessive trauma was cited as the cause of death. When police first arrived at Huggett's home, she claimed that her boyfriend poisoned the child with bug spray, but then changed her story, saying that maybe it was her roommate.

To call Huggett's alleged actions disgusting is the understatement of the century. Anyone who could smash a toddler's head into a wall shouldn't be alive, nevertheless have a child. But what makes this horrifying case all the worse is that someone had already reported Huggett to the Department of Children and Families -- twice. The first time was after the person saw Huggett hit her child, the second was after it was discovered she left her in a dirty diaper for hours on end. An investigation was opened, but nothing was found. How could that be?

It's hard to believe that there were no other signs or red flags regarding the way Aliyah was treated after her mother's supposed behavior was reported on two occasions -- and after her body was found to be covered in bruises. More should have been done. A private investigation, anything. This little girl didn't have to die. She should be alive right now with her life ahead of her.

If found guilty, I hope Huggett rots away the rest of her life in jail. Or has her life taken away. And needless to say, if she did commit these heinous acts, the child that she's pregnant with now should be taken away the moment she gives birth.

What do you think of this?


Image via Citrus County Sherriff's Office

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Vegeta Vegeta

She can be cellmates with the lady that killed the dog. They can be hanged together too.

nonmember avatar samalam

I love how she got her daughters name tattooed on her chest. I hope she can't breath when see looks in the mirror because it'll be another reminder of what she did.

Linda Dominy

she should go away for life

Kelley Lollis

I can't say on here what I think! That is horrible!

Debbie Christian

what a POS!!!! please take this baby that she's carrying away from her, and let the bytch rot in prison!!!!


Lori Culbertson

CPS is corrupt...they over look kids like this in REAL need and often harass families with no real issues....they make money from finding adoptable kids and no one wants a kid from a trouble home, or one that had drugs or abuse in it.
This little girl did not have to die, if they had been truly doing their job, she wouldn't have.

drama... dramaqueenizme

killed a dog??? I'm sorry, but a dog being killed is in NO way equal to that of a child being murdered! That poor poor baby, I truly hope that creature gets the death penalty for this and that sweet unborn baby never has to know what birthed it!!!

Heather Gregg Phillips

I dont understand how a Mother could do this to her child, while there are Plenty of Women that cant have babies, if you cant handle them give them up so someone can have a chance to Love them. I would Love to be able to have a Baby! Yes they should take that baby as soon as its born and lock her up forever

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