Listen: Amanda Berry's 9-1-1 Call Will Make You Cry for Joy With Her (AUDIO)

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amanda berryAmericans are struggling to get work done today. We're all captivated by the rescue of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight from the Ohio home where they'd been held for nearly a decade since being kidnapped. We're hungry for details of how Amanda escaped, how she managed to get to a phone and make the 911 call that's being played over and over and over again just so we can hear her say the words, "I've been kidnapped for 10 years ... I'm free now."

The call is short, some are already saying too short. The joy over hearing a girl kidnapped as a teenager enjoy her freedom has been interrupted by the Monday morning quarterbacks already taking the 911 dispatcher to task.

She's been called out for rushing Amanda off the phone, for not being empathetic enough.

Are the critics right? Perhaps.

On the other hand, she's a 911 dispatcher, and they have to develop a thick outer shell or that job will take them down. They hear the worst of the worst on a daily basis, and there are also people who fake it. We now know WHO Amanda Berry is, but the case was 10 years old. What are the chances the girl's name rang a bell for her?

Can't we just take this 911 call for what it is? A joyful sign that three young women whose families have grieved their loss for far too long are free? That the disappearance of Berry, DeJesus, and Knight has been solved ... and all three are still alive? That Amanda Berry showed extreme courage in gaining the attention of neighbors after Castro left and in making this call to the police?

No doubt the dispatcher herself is going round and round with herself about how it all went down, that she is the woman who fielded this call of all calls.

Because this was a mother of a call, a call that changed everything for these women and their families. This call is a good thing, America. It's something to make us feel hope today.


Have you listened to Amanda Berry's 911 call? What were your thoughts?


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jinxmom jinxmom

I heard the call and she was doing her job but maybe (and lets hope that on the inside) she was happy that she was alive.  I'm so happy that they found them and that from appearance sake they seem to be ok now mentally it may be another story but prayerfully they will get professional help to deal with everything they have gone through.  I'm sad b/c Berry's mom isn't here to see her child but she held out hope until the end. [sigh]

lulou lulou

I listened, but basically from my tv detective show watching, thought protocol was to keep the person on the phone til police arrived.

amazz... amazzonia

with all the crazy calls 911 gets every day you maybe she couldn't believe it was real, plus I think they are trained pretty well not to let emotions out

bills... billsfan1104

What was the 911 operator suppose to do??Cry and be hysterical??? Anywho, the funniest 911 call was the dude who rescued her. Talking about eating his McDonald's on the front porch when was screaming for help. And his interviews are even funnier!!

Angie Martin

im so happy for those families but the 911 dispatcher coudve been a lil nicer

Kristen Reid-pauze

I can not believe the 911 operator , we will send a car when its available ??? really ?? that awful..

Craft... CraftyJenna

Yeah the operator was in the wrong. "We'll send a car when it's available" and "Talk to the police when they get there" she could not get her off the phone fast enough, and it seems really messed up. 

Vegeta Vegeta

Try being a real dispatcher (not a tv show version) for Just. One. Day. Then judge her. She did exactly what she should have done.

carole76 carole76

I agree the dispatcher could have been a little more friendly and helpful.  I think training could help her do better in the future.  Dispatchers are the first to deal with all types of problems, they need to know how to handle any situation, but also be able to multi task and get police, rescue, fire to the property ASAP.  Who is to say what should have been said or done, just glad these girls are safe.

nonmember avatar Jak Manson

That was hard to listen to. I know that she was doing her job and doing what she is suppose to, but she was in trouble and needed help. That is really sad that that even happened and either one had to go through that.
Jak Manson |

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