Hero Charles Ramsey Knew Something Was Wrong When a 'White Girl Ran Into a Black Man's Arms' (VIDEO)

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charles ramsayHow amazing to wake up this morning to some good news for a change! Three Cleveland women who went missing 10 years ago finally escaped. Can you imagine what it must have been like for Charles Ramsey, the neighbor who found Amanda Berry calling for help? He heard her screaming from a window and helped her break free. Well, wonder no longer. Charles has been giving interviews and talking about his shock upon learning that his next-door neighbor was keeping three women (and apparently a girl?) prisoner in his house all this time.

First of all, he had no idea that the woman he was rescuing was someone who had gone missing for 10 years. "I thought this girl was dead!" he later said when it he figured it out. He thought she was just escaping some sort of domestic abuse situation. Amanda told the police there were other women, but Charles was still floored when he saw how many women police rescued from the house. But the biggest shock was just knowing all of this was going on next door and he never had a clue.

You got some big testicles to pull this off, bro. Because we see this guy every day. EVERY DAY! ... I barbecue with this guy. We eat ribs and what not, and listen to Salsa music ... NOT A CLUE.

Okay, I'm sure when he says his neighbor must have big balls, he doesn't mean it as a compliment. But it doesn't get more normal and neighborly than eating ribs with your neighbor, does it? I mean, he really paints a picture there with the barbecue and the music.

Kind of makes a person wonder about their own neighbors. Sure, I might chat with the guy downstairs about his cats. BUT WHAT IS HE FEEDING THE CATS? What if he's a serial killer?!? And I have no idea. Okay, back to Charles. Here's the moment when he knew this was not just a case of ordinary domestic abuse.

I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man's arms. Something is wrong here. Dead giveaway. Dead giveaway. Either she's homeless or she's got problems. That's the only reason.

D'oh! Uncomfortable truth about race relations in America. Notice how the reporter tries to cut him off -- like, "yeah, Charles, polite people don't point that stuff out." Hilarious. Good for Charles for saying it like it is. Anyway, naturally Charles' interview is already a meme and yes there's an autotune version already. Because this is America, where pretty white little girls don't usually run into the arms of black men, but where we do appreciate a skilled story teller.

And now in autotune:

Do you ever wonder what your neighbors are really up to?


Image via WEWSTV/YouTube

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Mark Cox

velez being her usual self

miche... micheledo

That man has sure added some humor and joy in a terrible situation. He has been so fun to watch and I am SO thankful he didn't ignore those screams.

As to the last part - unless kids grow up around a wide variety of people, most kids wouldn't run into the arms of a strange man, let alone someone who doesn't look like them. It does say something about race relations (his comment), but then I also don't think it would have mattered what he looked like. I know my children wojldn't run into any stranger's arms. I am guessing it says a LOT more about what this six year old has been through and that she FUULLY understood this man offered something better - freedom. So sad. And yet so wonderful!

lulou lulou

We moved into a neighborhood where we saw lots of swing sets and bus stops (check the district transportation site)  However, one of the neighbor kids I worry about more than the adults.

nonmember avatar Kristi

Eddie Murphy. Coming to America. Sexual Chocolate = Charles Ramsay......

adopt... adoption2013

I don't care what colour he is.  He saved those women.  Thank God he was there.

nonmember avatar David Santana

Just as telling in the video was the instinctive panicked backward glance by Charles when he hears the first police siren blast---bin there, done that, fo' sho'!!!

phant... phantomphan

I just can't get enough of watching him. How I wish I could buy him a beer.

joani... joaniedanger

I am ALL ABOUT watching what happens here in my neighborhood.  I know all the business, mainly because my neighbors are like me and we all watch out for each other.  Case in point, last week the lady next door got broken into and between 3 of us we gave the cops info they could actually use.  Too bad we couldn't have stopped it altogether, but the cop was amazed at how much info we all had.  anyway, i'm nosey and no one has been offended by it

Jenn Jabber Hughes

amazing! Hope the families and all three of those women get justice for everything that has been done to them. That they can someday put those years, that are looking more and more to be something you see in a horror movie, behind them and start the rest of their life as soon as possible.

Melissa Young

A true miracle that the neighbor was able to hear the girl screaming.He is a hero in this story. Such a shame we have to demean the story by pointing at race issues. He didn't need to go there and say that. Poor taste.

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