Missing Girls Found ALIVE 10 Years After Disappearing Off the Street

Kidnapped girls ClevelandThe stories of almost 17-year-old Amanda Berry, who disappeared one day before her birthday, and 14-year-old Gina DeJesus, who went missing on her way home from school, are the kinds that rarely have happy endings. They both disappeared from Cleveland, Ohio, in 2003 and there was little hope of ever finding them alive. Now, miraculously, the two, along with a third woman, Michelle Knight, who disappeared in 2002 at age 21, have been found alive in the home of a school bus driver named Ariel Castro.

It's just unbelievable. Berry called 911 from the house where she says she was kept captive and possibly tied up for a decade. All the women have been reunited with their families at the hospital, although, sadly, Berry's dedicated mother who searched for her for years died in 2006.

It's hard to even know where to begin. There are so many questions and probably always will be. It brings back all the feelings of when Elizabeth Smart was found alive or even Jaycee Dugard.

It's hard to believe there are people sick enough to take a child from her family, let alone more than one. Usually these stories have such gruesome endings that this seems almost happy. I mean, it's happy in many ways. But it also represents a decade that these girls lost with the parents who loved them. It represents an important time for a girl growing up and that was stolen away from them.

Dugard's memoir A Stolen Life explains it all. She is thrilled to be home with her family, of course, but who wouldn't feel sad about all that time lost? All that childhood missed?

It's also probably extremely painful for the families of missing girls who did NOT have "happy" endings, whose stories ended with bodies found and a life full of pain. Or maybe they have no closure at all, and maybe a story like this gives them hope, but sometimes having hope is worse than having none.

I can't even imagine what these women have been through or what their families have been through. The amount of pain of not knowing, of having to endure "psychics" telling them that their children are dead or all the countless "leads" that went nowhere. That pain doesn't just disappear.

This story is amazing, but if the man who lived in the house IS found guilty and the story is as straightforward as it seems, then it's not exactly "happy," and the men involved should pay every bit as much as a murderer. For the families, the kidnapper did, in fact, steal things that can never be given back. Berry's mother died never knowing her daughter was alive. It's just so sad, it's hard to see this as a "happy" ending.

Still, obviously, the fact that these women are alive is something. They will be able to go on and live full lives now. With a lot of counseling. My heart goes out to these families. They have a long road ahead. But at least they will be on it together now.

Would you call this a happy ending?


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carole76 carole76

This is very sad, glad Amanda was able to find a out and go next door to call police.  I am happy these girls are alive, but so sad of the loss of years they have missed.  I live in Akron Ohio, about a hour from this and remember every year the families coming together on the disappearance of these girls.  Family and friends knew these girls were alive, and never gave up.  Wow 10 years......... I pray for them and their families.  I pray that they will be able to get back to some type of normal.  I pray the media leaves them alone and doesn't bombard them as soon as they are released.  To the men that abducted these girls, they deserve the death penalty.  They are horrible men.


Craft... CraftyJenna

For a kidnapping, this is a happy ending. They are alive, and home, perps in jail. You can't ask for any more than that, really. It doesn't make what happened to them any less terrible. 

nonmember avatar jackie

i read the transcripts of her 911 call the dispatcher should be fired ! Thank god they were found !

nonmember avatar jackie

i read the transcripts from her 911 call the dispatcher should be fired ! thank God they were found !

nonmember avatar NoWay

Well, it's better than an UNhappy ending. They will never get those years back, but they are still young women so I hope they will be able to build happy lives with their remaining years.

april678 april678

For them being gone for so long, they will never get the years back they had missed. It's a happy thing that they are home safe and sound. Thank God!!!


Donna Ann Brewer

I think the captor(s) should be tried for murder. These girls are not the same people they were before they were taken. They took their lives destroyed the lives of all those who loved and looked for those girls.

Serab... Serabelle

I can't even begin to imagine what these poor women went through, having their lives stolen. Calling this a happy ending does sound strange, especially since their ordeal hasn't come to an end. They will still have to endure a trial, public opinion, and years and years of counselling. Hopeful this is a step in the right direction, and at least they all appear to have loving, supportive families to help them through this transition. I can't even begin to understand the feelings they they all must be going through. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families. And hopefully the men responsible get what they deserve!

LveMy... LveMy2K1dS

The author didn't mention that Amanda had a 6 year old child with her! That is also very sad, the child will need so much therapy :( 

Kaymad41 Kaymad41

Poor Michelle seems to be an after thought in all the articles I've read.  Just because she was older doesn't make her any less important.  Every time I hear the 911 call place by Amanda I cry.  Poor girls, all three of them!  

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