Couple Separated for 40 Years Finally Find Each Other on Facebook

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Have you ever met someone and felt some kind of profound connection but the timing was off and you weren't in a position to pursue it? That was the case with João Crisóstomo, who had a fiancée when he met Vilma Kracun in London. In fact, it was his fiancée who introduced the two of them. At the time, Vilma was an au pair, and Joao was a 26-year-old waiter, but Vilma instantly struck him, Joao told The New York Times:

I found her very attractive, but above all she was a wonderful young lady. She radiated joy, and it was a pleasure to be next to her. At the time, I could see she was a good human being and that this was a relationship I would like to nurture. But it was only that -- a friendship.

Joao had no choice but to keep Vilma as a friend, considering he was engaged. In fact, he soon got married and moved. It would take the pair 40 years to connect again -- but it would be worth the wait.

Joao and his wife lived in Brazil and then New York. They eventually lost track of Vilma, and Joao's wife was more upset about it than he was. He says:

My wife said: "Where is Vilma? She is my best friend. We have to find her."

But asking common friends about Vilma's whereabouts got him nowhere. When a friend became ambassador to Portugal, he asked him to track down Vilma. No luck. Eventually Joao became a butler to the famous -- including Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

In 2009, he signed up for Facebook, despite not understanding technology. He posted on his wall for people to call him instead. Two years later, he got a call from his former sister-in-law. That's right. By now, Joao was divorced. So when he heard that his former sister-in-law's daughter had found Vilma on Facebook, he perked up.

Vilma had married in the meanwhile too, but she was now widowed. It was 40 years since she'd seen Joao, but when their mutual friend got in touch and mentioned that Joao was looking for her, she got excited. They decided to meet in Paris. Says Vilma:

Going to Paris to meet this dear friend that I had lost and missed for 40 years was the only thing that I could think of, and so I did.

Within hours, Joao knew he didn't want Vilma slipping out of his life again, so he asked her to marry him. In April, they said their vows.

Wow. That says something about never quite giving up on someone, doesn't it? Of course, there's no point in pining away for someone you might never meet up with again, but both were living their lives -- they just happened to have each other in the backs of their minds. It really sounds like these two were meant to be! Imagine if Facebook didn't exist. These two might not have had their long overdue happy ending.

Is there someone you'd like to reconnect with?


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Kediset Kediset

yup... this guy I met in gr7. It's been like 6 years at least since I last saw him. Not going to go into too much detail, just going to say that I wonder these days if there was something then between us that both (or just me) were ignorant of. Only reason why I think about it is from having several dreams sporadically where I dreamed I tried to get his contact info (since I don't have it. Nor did I have any mutual friends with him) only to wake up before I could take a look. And to my heart fluttering around every single time.

Stephie Lynne

i am going through this right now. no where near that time gap but a yr and half ago i was dating a guy. i dont bring men hom unless i know its real so he didnt know where i lived and i didnt know wher ehe lived we worked together and met up outside work for dates thats it. if we had sex it was in a motel or we parked. we lost our jobs on the same day (our shift got shut down and everyone got laid off) niether of us had phones or knew where each other lived (he wasnt there the day we lost our jobs he found out the next day i assume) he didnt have a computer and no facebook. all this time i kept looking online he knew i had facebook and i hoped he would find  a way to find me. i  ended up moving out of state and thought i would never see him again. finally 3 weeks ago we found each other when he opened an account and voila!!!! we are going to get back together. 

Jackie Yenowine Espin

I did the same thing. I met my husband when I was 11 (in 1996)and he lived out of state. My mom had thrown a Fourth of July party and his dad and him came. They ended up spending the night and we stayed up all night together. When I woke up the next day he was gone. I never forgot about him and tried to look for him. In 2010 I finally found him on FB. He said he had been looking for me to all of these years. On our first date he asked me to marry him. We have been married almost 3 years now. :)

Christina Marie Jayne

Me and my bf sorta have the same kind of story. We dated briefly when I was 16 but it didn't work out at the time. Fastforward 13 years, we ran into each other again. We talked for a few months, then officially started dating. We've been together for almost 2 1/2 years, and have a wonderful little boy.

emmyn... emmynlily

My cousin and I lost contact 23 years ago. She moved out of state with her biological dad when she was 16 and I was 14. I never forgot about her, I always wondered what happened to her. I looked for her relentlessly but to no avail. One day I was cleaning out my emails on Facebook when I came across a file that said "other". I guess its Facebooks way if calling it spam mail. Well to my surprise I found an email from her that she had sent me 2 years earlier. I almost fell off my chair. I couldnt believe that we had found each other. Ever since, we have been inseparable, I consider her my sister not my cousin. Although she lives 4 hours away and we havnt seen each other in over 20 years, we talk/text every day.

Paper... PaperClip811

I dated my friend's cousin back in 2003, then reconnected on FB in 2010. He had moved to a different state been married and divorced, I had an almost 3 year old. But we pretty much instantly fell back into it and it was great! we got married last June! ♥

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