Little Girl Allegedly Kidnapped by Teacher Who Had a Beef With Mom

A 6-year-old girl was reportedly kidnapped from a school by a woman and taken to a hotel for the night and then dropped off on a remote road. She was eventually found by good Samaritans, who brought her to the police. So at least this ends well. But you won't believe how it began! Police are saying that the woman who allegedly kidnapped the girl, Jashayla Hopson, walked into her school and asked for her by name. And although the girl didn't know her, the school handed the girl over! Excuse me, what?! The girl was then reportedly led to a car by the woman. And even more disturbing, the strange woman was -- a teacher! OMG, does this story get any more disturbing?

The woman who was arrested, Jesse Mae Brown Pollard, is reportedly a veteran high school teacher in Alabama. The little girl was at an elementary school in Mississippi.

It gets worse. Four hours after the girl disappeared from school, the girl's mother, Rochelle Ford, reportedly received a text message that said:

don't call the police I will call you later if you call the police u wont see her again.

Can you imagine just suddenly getting a text message like that? The mom must have freaked! She then reportedly called the number from where the text message came from but only heard "heavy breathing." Holy hell!

Meanwhile, Pollard was allegedly with the girl and brought her to a Best Western, where she stayed the night with another woman. In the morning, the little girl and the unidentified woman got in a car and drove to a remote area. The little girl was told to get out of the car and wait for her mother. This is beginning to sound like that creepy scene from Fatal Attraction when Glenn Close kidnaps Michael Douglas' kid for a roller coaster ride!

An Amber Alert was issued and the girl's mom went on TV to plead for her return. Meanwhile, the girl walked to a nearby home, and the residents recognized her as the girl from TV and called police. Crazy!

Apparently this all stems from some kind of beef the two women had with each other. What beef could cause all this is unknown at the time. Law enforcement said:

Later when the defendant was interviewed at her home, there was evidence of a dispute between the defendant and the victim's mother.

Pollard was arrested and her bond was denied. I can't fathom what would make any woman -- let alone a teacher -- scare a little girl like this. Pollard obviously has some serious issues. And the school has some serious issues with its policy of checking out children.

Do you warn your children about leaving school with strangers?

Image via FBI

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Carme... Carmen8706

Whoever let the girl leave with a woman she didn't even know should be fired and blacklisted.


That is crazy shit! I hope she gets hardcore prison time for this.I really hope it wasn't over some dumb shit like a man.Happy she didn't get bond.

LostS... LostSoul88

Once my children start school I will. 

jalaz77 jalaz77

Glad the girl is ok. Should of never happened.

Todd Vrancic

What kind of idiots work at that school?  Or was the person who handed the girl over to this woman in on the plot?

Kerry Riley Bourquin

Poor child! Its heart breaking. I taught my children long before school that at no time would I send anybody they didnt know to pick them up from anywhere. There is no way my children would have left with somebody they didnt know at 6 years old. They would have let EVERYBODYknow that they didnt know that person and to call their mom. 

Carry Merrill

1st off thank the good lord the child was not harmed. 2nd It was probably in the best interest of this crazy AZZ teacher that there wasn't a bond set. Had it been my child my bond would be the next being set. And I would have a lawyer NOW suing the school system for allowing my child to leave with and unknown person. We as parent fill out EMERGENCY CARDS and update the on a yearly basis for this reason and if the office workers are to lazy to push buttons on a computer to check the names registered on there give the job to someone who deserves it and takes pride in protecting these children. Take a stand and don't let this happen to someone else's child. As a parent I have had to drive home 10 miles to get my custody papers when going thru separation and custody to pick my own children up from school. Yes it was annoying but was also mind relieving that I knew no one was going to walk into that school and take my children that was not on their check out list.

Tiffany Pletz

this makes me glad that my childs school makes you fill out a list of people who are allowed to pick up your child and will only let them do so if the parent sends a note to school that day with them and they check your id as soon as you walk into the school. i also love the fact that you cant enter the school unless they buzz you in. they have a remote camera system around the whole school.

Munique Robinson

I'm guessing when Mississippi is done with her and she goes back to Alabama her "veteran teaching status" is GONE!!!!!!!!!!! WTH is wrong with people, and if the child doesn't know the woman, WHY was she able to get her from the school..... LAWSUIT..... furthermore, HOW did the mom & this lady know each other, and WHY did this woman know the child's information (name, school, etc).......

there are many questions in this story and not enough dead people (i.e.: the kidnapper, the assistant, & the person at the school who let the kid be taken)

Just sayin, I'd be up for "temporary insanity" and possibly "murder" BUT you can bet nobody would ever touch my daughter again.

Jenn Jabber Hughes

Throughout my son's school year this year (he just started pre-k this year). I have met with his school office employees and the on guard policeman numerous times. When he first started I filled out more than one paper saying who would be allowed to pick him up for any reason. Only once my mom picked him up and she was the number one on my list, but still that week I had to bring in a signed paper with her name on it, and when she came to the school she had to show her ID. I believe that is how all schools should be. At this point I am not even sure if I am going to add their dad onto the list next year. Will just have to see what kind of a "part-time dad" he is going to be once he is released. I will say he is not in jail for doing anything abusive, though just from his attitude and liking to act like he owned me when I was with him probably could have got him held for a day or two in the past.

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