Mom Lied About Murder of Baby for 56 Years But She Couldn't Hide Forever

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Ruby KlokowRuby Klokow spent more than 50 years lying about the death of her 9-month-old, but it finally caught up with her. The mom who killed her daughter in 1957 is finally headed to prison. The 76-year-old Wisconsin resident will spend the next 10 years behind bars.

It's about time that little girl got justice. Thank goodness her brother was up to it. Yes, it was baby Jeaneen Klokow's big brother who finally turned his mother in.

What kind of a man turns his mother into police?

A brave man. 

A man who knows right from wrong.

A man who could no longer live with the burden of carrying his mother's secret on his shoulders.

In 2008, James Klokow told investigators of horrible abuses to him, to his younger brother, and to his sister. He'd been told for years that his sister's death was his fault.

But when investigators pushed his mother, she admitted she threw her baby onto the couch because she was angry with her son. The little girl's body bounced onto the floor. At the time the death was ruled accidental -- a fall off the couch -- because Ruby Klokow lied ... and police believed her. But it was no fall. No more than the death was the fault of a little boy.

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The length of time it took for this man to come forward only hammers home what a monster his mother was.

This is the irony of bad parenting. A good mother would never be turned into police by her child because she'd never put herself in a position making it necessary. Bad parents, on the other hand, tend to have a hold on their kids, a way of making them afraid to speak up even after they've escaped their clutches.

Bravo to James Klokow for breaking through. It may not be the justice people wanted, but 10 years in prison is better than this woman never being punished at all.

What would you have done in James Klokow's position?



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LostS... LostSoul88

I would have rated her out from the very start

Lovin... LovinJerseyMama

Wow. Unfortunately accidents happen but this was no accident by any stretch. She was an abusive mother and if I was her son, I would have turned her in immediately. I can't imagine having a mom who abused me, killed my sister, and then continued to live her life freely. Screw that, and her. I'm glad she's finally going to pay for all the abuse and for the murder of her child. Ten years isn't enough, even at her age. She should have gotten life, not too many years left in her anyways. 

shygu... shygurl3166

Old news and a lot left out. She all had another child die in her care. And the damage done to the baby was just awful. This story is much worse than this leads on.

notsu... notsupermomyet

Evil woman and she is getting what she deserves!!!

truth... truthrowan

So easy to say, "I would have told from the start" but this boy was a small child, under his control, terrorized and abused, so where was he supposed to find the strength or knowledge to tell when grown ass people can't do it (the silence of sexual and domestic abuse). Poor baby girl, and poor children who had to grow up with this mother. 

Kaymad41 Kaymad41

It's funny how kids can be so loyal to an abusive parent.   It goes to show how much control these people have over their children.

nurse... nursemama88

My SS mom is/was abusive to him and he is very loyal to her. He lives with us now but would rather live with her. It is sad but the truth.

Barbara Schabo

I would've turned her in too! Family or not, MURDER IS WRONG!!!

Cameron Kawana

Dogs are the same way, you abuse a puppy, the grown version is terrified of you regardless of how big it is.

Arizona S. Heat


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