Foster Dad Accused of 'Unimaginable Cruelty' Against Kids Is a Well-Respected Army Officer

crime sceneWhen you think of an Army major, what comes to mind? An upstanding citizen? Someone with the utmost respect for rules and regulations? Someone who fights for what's right? Unfortunately none of those match up with the story of foster dad and Army Major John E. Jackson or his wife Carolyn or the charges of child abuse lodged against them in a New Jersey court this week.

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman called what happened to three kids in the Jackson home "unimaginable cruelty." The Jacksons are accused of everything from breaking the bones of foster kids in their care to force-feeding the children hot sauce.

A 22-page indictment alleges the man who served his country in both Iraq and Afghanistan came home to run a home where kids were beaten with a "deadly weapon" and refused food and water to "train" them to behave.

The two notions are at distinct odds with one another. We honor the members of our armed forces with annual holidays, parents get their kids to send them thank-you letters and boxes of cookies, employers count military service as proof positive that a veteran is a good job candidate. In particular, we tend to think of someone who has been an officer, someone who has risen to a position of power and respect in the military, to be deserving of said respect.

The John Jackson described in the federal indictment is anything but. That John Jackson sounds like a monster, a man who brought three defenseless children into his home and forced them to live in hell.

The Jacksons apparently adopted the three foster kids, one of whom died in 2008. They made these kids their own, and then, if allegations are to be believed, they made these kids' lives a living hell.

That's not the story of a well-respected Army officer. It's the story of a monster parading as a well-respected Army officer, presenting a different face to the world.

How this case will play out in the weeks and months to come will determine whether these kids will get justice. Carolyn and John Jackson could face up to 10 years in prison per charge if convicted of the 17-some charges against them.

Whatever comes, it is sure to put a new face on John Jackson the Army Major.

Would you have expected something so awful to be going on inside the home of a military officer?


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LostS... LostSoul88

how horrible... I am so glad the kids are now out of their care and I hope they are charged at the fullest extent of the law. 

nonmember avatar juanita crews

Lived thru my own hell with a military dad.

James Buchanan

Yeah, a career of service in a combat hotzone conditioned to see hostiles at every corner under psychologically oppressive conditions where survival is loosely tied to one's unflinching adherence to regulations that lack the most fundamental basics of human compassion and empathy is just going to be a NATURAL at dealing with the native morass of unruly disciplinary issues that is your average American child sheltered from anything resembling that hostile reality....

Please...tell me you aren't really shocked by this.

Shannon Rink

He and his wife are child abusers, torturers. That he happens to be in the military is moot.

truth... truthrowan

Let me guess, they followed the Pearls teachings, didn't they?


Nelli... NellieAthome

Military, the police and most professional athletes are trained to react to situations violently and with force - why does it then surprise people that they are violent within their homes and familes?????

Melissa Travis Clayton

Were they responsible for the child that died? How can NO ONE know things like this are going on? Neighbors, friends or relatives? 

Melissa Travis Clayton

Wow.....only 10 years for torture, broken bones, neglect and cruelty? And that is the reason why it will never end. No one is truly punished.

Kelly M Heitz-Thorstad

So not that I am shaming all military people, because all that I know, are actually pretty civil people, no matter what they have seen while in theater, but dealing with PTSD in my own home, I know that sometimes the outbursts and general fears that our troops deal with on a daily basis can be hard to handle, however that being said, there are ways to deal with that kind of behavior. Blaming this on the fact that the foster father was an Army Major and fought for our country and seen unimaginable things is ridiculous, he did this out of some other kind of rage, and not just him, but his wife as well, you can not point the finger at just him military trained, that is not how it works, yes the military is trained for combat, in hostile environments, not in their homes, and with this kind of behavior going on, it is grossly unacceptable.

Jessica Brown

Not all military people are like that, I know plenty of them. And Nellieathome, really??? Are you kidding me??? First off, police are not trained to act violently, I know I was going through everything to become one, and my son may someday grace the cover of sports illustrated as a baseball player and has not been trained to act violently or with force. Some people are just predispositioned to act that way, it's just that simple sometimes....

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