Woman 'Finds' Newborn on Beach & Gets Arrested for Being the Baby's Mom

newborn feetA woman was arrested on Tuesday in Honolulu for allegedly filing a false report saying that she found a newborn baby on a beach, when in actuality, the baby was really hers. Keala Simeona, 21, called authorities and said she was parked at a beach in east Honolulu at around 11:30 p.m. when she heard people screaming. She reportedly claimed she walked down to the ocean and saw a naked newborn girl, so she decided to take her to the hospital. But now police have revealed that Keala is the baby's mother. Needless to say: It's incredibly sad that she felt this was the only option.

Hawaii is a safe-haven state. In other words, Keala would have had immunity if she left the baby unharmed with the police, the fire department, or another emergency service if she was less than 72 hours old. Creating such an elaborate story shows one thing and one thing only: Keala was scared.

Details about Keala's pregnancy and personal relationships currently remain scant, but it kind of seems like she was trying to hide being pregnant due to an unsupportive network of family and friends. Or maybe she was just embarrassed? Police investigation has determined that she gave birth to the baby immediately before "finding" her and calling the police. Also, Keala claimed to be alone when she found the baby -- so, kind of sounds like she went to a beach at night to give birth alone. How sad is that?

The important thing is, right now, the baby is doing well. She's currently in the hospital drinking formula. But, at this point, human services is planning on petitioning for custody of the baby if no family comes forward to claim her. Being that she quickly got her help, it sounds like Keala really loves her child, but maybe she's not ready to raise her. Hopefully, some caring soul will step up and care for this child and give her a life much better than the sad start she got.

What do you think of this?

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Megan Lee

This is sad.

Brain... BrainyMommy

It's absurd that this woman has been charged with a crime. 

Andi Dodd

I agree... if it was within the 72 hours, they should have just let her walk away.  Poor girl did the right thing for her daughter, and still got in trouble.  I understand that she filed a false report, but we don't know what her family life is like.  Maybe she thought this was the only option.  At least she had the sensability to take her daughter into police with a story, instead of quietly killing the newborn, which so many horrible HORRIBLE women have done over the years.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

Really sad and I hope this child founds a good loving home.

LostS... LostSoul88

All I have to say is at least she called police and turned the baby over. why are the so focus on charging her? She could have left the child to die or drown but she didn't. 

nonmember avatar kaerae

So, she lied to the police, but she DID NOT abandon the baby, she left her in the safest place possible. In all likelihood, if she wants her back, she will eventually get her, because people who DID abuse and neglect their kids get them back all the time, and she did neither. If she does want the baby, I hope she can get whatever help she needs and then get her back. We have no idea of the circumstances that led to her decision, but she did act to keep her daughter safe and healthy, and that says a lot. She did not abandon her child.

Melan... MelanieJK

What is she charged with?    bIf she didn't use the haven option and left the baby somewhere she'd be charged with child abandonment (or worse if the baby didn't survive).      But it's not abandonment if she brought the child in,    there's no law that says you have to have a baby in the hospital. 

It seems like the charge would have to be lying to law enforcement or something.    I don't see a problem with that since we do need people to know that's never acceptable.    The sentence should reflect sympathy with the scenario leading up to the lie (little or no punishment).  

Silas Silas

poor lil baby left on the beach all alone :( sad story im happy the baby is ok 

Melan... MelanieJK

I guess she did intend to abandon the baby but the 72 hour rule should apply to that.

nonmember avatar NoWay

There should be no charges. This poor woman must have been scared to death. She did the right thing by turning the baby over to the hospital. Like others have said ... so many women would have left the baby to die or killed the baby themselves. So sad.

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