Man Uses Military Technology to Pop the Question in a Sweet & Quirky Way (VIDEO)

jason christina get engaged with a droneWhen we think of creative, extraordinary ways to propose, we probably think flash mob lip-dubs, video games, maybe even something having to do with social media. Technology employed by the military is probably the last thing you'd think of as a romantic way to say, "Will you marry me?" Nonetheless, it's thanks to drones -- yeah, the same kind used to deliver bombs -- that a San Francisco couple recently got engaged! Let me explain ...

When Jason Muscat decided to propose to his soon-to-be baby mama and now-fiancee, Christina Dam, in San Fran's Alamo Square, he had an unmanned hexacopter deliver the ring! And awesomely enough, the moment was captured in an aerial shot video, which was also taken by the drone!

Check it out ...


Aww! And after this all went down (literally), Jason explained in a blog post that the hexacopter was meant to riff "off of the drone topic that's been so prevalent this year." And I also found it interesting to learn that in planning the proposal, he worked with a wedding photographer named Chris Geiger, who uses the drone to capture aerial footage at weddings.

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Okay, sure, it was an especially geeky way to say, "Will you marry me?" But how many couples can say they had a video taken of that special moment? Let alone one with an aerial view?! There's no doubt Jason went out of his way to make the moment incredibly memorable for Christina -- and their little girl. She'll always be able to know how Mommy and Daddy got engaged. And have an alien-lookin' hexacopter, of all things, to thank for it! Hey, that's pretty cool.

What did you think of this proposal? Would you want to be proposed to with a drone?


Image via Chris Geiger/YouTube

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