'Super Drunk' School Principal Is Arrested for Making Super Big Mistake (VIDEO)

super drunk principalHere's a pop quiz for you -- in fact, let's make it multiple choice. Does the term "Super Drunk" refer to a.) a dysfunctional superhero b.) Lindsay Lohan's new alter ego or c.) an elementary school principal pulled over for allegedly driving with a blood alcohol content of more than twice the legal limit? If you guessed c.), you're correct!

44-year-old Kim Warren of Michigan was arrested on April 8 after two very concerned motorists called to report a driver who swerved all over the road before pulling into the Deerfield Elementary School parking lot. Little did those drivers know why Warren pulled into the school parking lot: Because Kim Warren is the principal of Deerfield Elementary School. Oh, no.


Apparently Warren was returning from what was clearly an at-least-three martini lunch; she also reportedly had a bottle of vodka at her feet in the car. Which explains why she wasn't charged with being merely drunk -- she was charged with being "super drunk," a city ordinance covering drivers arrested with a blood alcohol content higher than .17 percent.

I'll admit, my first reaction to the words "super drunk" was to laugh. Seriously?! "You're under arrest for being super drunk!!" But if you think about it, distinguishing between levels of drunkeness makes sense from a law enforcement standpoint. There's a big difference between the driving skills of someone who had a beer or two and someone who's been swigging vodka from the bottle while behind the wheel.

If convicted, Warren -- who pleads not guilty -- faces up to 180 days in jail. (I'm guessing the fact that she slipped out of her handcuffs in the back of the police cruiser and handed them to the officer isn't going to help her case any.)

Oh, no.

Do you think the 'super drunk' ordinance makes sense?


Image via Supertwerk97/YouTube

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