Man Loses Life Savings at Carnival & All He Got Was This Lousy Banana With Dreads (VIDEO)

man loses life savingsThirty-year-old Henry Gribbohm of Espsom, New Hampshire is nothing if not persistent. I mean, when a man loses his life savings at a carnival and the only thing he has to show for it is a giant banana with dreadlocks, you'd expect him to give up. Not Henry. He may have literally and figuratively thrown away $2,600, but he's on a mission to prove the game, in which contestants toss a softball-like ball into a tub-like tub, is rigged.

While many people would say, Yeah, no shit it's rigged, Sherlock, Henry might be able to get the last laugh. In fact, he's already set an investigation in motion.

The carnival isn't allowed to feature its Tubs of Fun game until they've been cleared by authorities. If there's real fraud involved, and not just your normal carnival trickery, Henry might have a case.

You gotta admire the man's determination, but you also have to wonder if he's never played an amusement park game before.

Of course the game seems easy enough, but that's the whole point. You think you'll win that giant stuffed animal for $3 after you knock over a seemingly innocuous set of pins, or throw a seemingly large disc around a seemingly small bottle top, or toss a seemingly normal softball into a seemingly normal tub, BUT NO. It's not that simple and usually after spending $12 or so, people get the hint and walk away with the small, participation stuffed animal.

Henry didn't give up so easily and kept doubling down, trying to win his money back, until he went dead broke. When he returned the next day, the Tubs of Fun worker felt so bad for him, he actually reimbursed Henry $600.

The poor guy learned the hard way that those Tubs of Fun were really Tubs of HOLY MOTHER OF ZEUS WHY ISN'T THE BALL STAYING IN?!?!

But, maybe Henry has a point. Maybe the games are egregiously rigged, and something needs to be done. If justice is going to be served, though, I think I'm owed a white unicorn with a pink, sparkly leash from Fun Land in Rehoboth Beach. Those floating rubber duckies with the hidden marks on their bellies were too elusive. 

Fight the good fight for all of us, Henry.

Watch the incredible news story. It feels satirical, but it isn't:


What do you think -- does Henry have a point, or no?

Photo via WBZTV

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nonmember avatar ciara

I've seen some games you could win, but I've seen many more that were unwinnable (rigged). Many years ago when I grew up in Maryland, it was the only state that inspected the rides before the carnival could operate in the state, but I don't think

sassy... sassykat122

Um...the point was made after 300 LET ALONE 2300 more. Rigged or not the man was being extremely irresponsible to blow that kind of money. I don't feel sorry for him, i feel sorry for his kids

nonmember avatar Kim

Hey! I live 10 minutes from Rehoboth! Just wanted to throw that out

Carry on.....

nonmember avatar MO Mom

Sorry I don't feel bad for him. He blew over $2,000 on a stupid game. Hope winning that banana was worth it.

redho... redhotscorp61

Carnival games are rigged.  They look simple to win.  That's how they make their money.  This guy is an idiot spending what, over 2k on a game?  He would have been better off taking 2 grand and going to the casino.  At least he would have a chance of winning.

nonmember avatar Yep

I live near a six flags and played this game... After seeing 6 people plus myself lose I made a comment about it being rigged... The guy working called me out on it and showed me he could do it... I watched what he did and did exactly the same as him and won! You cup your hand and place the ball a little below your wrist (make sure your arm is turned like you are throwing under hand) and you let the ball roll down to your hand and gently move your hand like a "wave" and once the ball hits your fingertips use them to give a tiny bit of force and you win! After I got my prize he let me try 4 more times just to see if I could do it again and I got it all 4 times

Chris... Chrissy_Lynn

I work for a carnival so know for a fact they are rigged. The balloon pop game has anywhere from 50-100 balloons. You can win a small, medium, large , or x-large. There is only one medium, x-large, and large balloon on the board , the rest are smalls.

We also have a basketball game where you can win the big bananna like this man won. The balls are almost the same size of the hoop so its nearly impossible to get the ball in

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