Elderly Couple Blasts Iron Maiden at Neighbors (Excellent!) & Gets Arrested (Bogus!)

iron maidenThey say rock and roll can never die, and apparently it's true. No, I'm not talking about Keith Richards, I'm talking about an elderly couple in Sweden who make Ozzy and Sharon look like senile sticks in the mud. See, this husband and wife -- ages 81 and 71, respectively -- had a complaint common to the senior community: Their neighbors were making too much noise. Those kids today and their wild parties! Except, these neighbors weren't actually hosting any high-decibel drunken get-togethers ... the offending sound emanating from their home was a mysterious whistling noise. Which was frankly starting to get on Gram and Gramps' nerves.

So they decided to fight fire with fire. Or, more accurately, they decided to fight a vaguely annoying spark with a big old badass bonfire.


A bonfire called ... Iron Maiden. Excellent!

So reportedly Bill and Ted the old man and woman set up two sound systems, one on the balcony and one in the basement, pointed them at the neighbors' place, and blasted Iron Maiden's "Afraid to Shoot Strangers" into the wee hours. For days. And days.

The clearly non-metalhead neighbors were less than pleased. But when police showed up, the couple had a perfectly reasonable explanation: "We wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine," said the elderly man, whose wife claimed she was forced to take sleeping pills in order to deal with the "whistling noise."

Suckishly, the couple is now being charged with harassment. Bogus! Which seems a bit extreme, in my opinion, but at the same time ... hardcore. Why shouldn't the old people have their last headbanging hurrah?

Play "Number of the Beast" next, Grampa!!

Do you think this elderly couple deserves to be charged with harassment for playing Iron Maiden at top volume?


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