Mom Shot With Newborn in Her Arms Leaves 3 Children Motherless

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p0lice tapeIt was a typical Monday afternoon. The big kids were in school. The little kids were home with mom. She was standing in her doorway, her baby in her arms, when the air suddenly filled with bullets. And Sheri Williams died in that doorway, this mom shot to death while holding her baby on a typical Monday afternoon.

Sheri Williams did nothing wrong. She was just a mom at home with her two youngest kids and her sick mother, waiting for her eldest to come home from elementary school. And she was shot. Dead.

Cops say the volley of gunfire came from two as-yet-unidentified men who'd gotten into an argument at a restaurant near the Birmingham, Alabama housing projects where Williams lived with her three kids, where she cared for her mother who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Her 6-year-old was at school, but Williams' 4-year-old was in her home, and she was holding her 10-day-old son in her arms when she was shot.

The men were shooting at one another right out on the streets in broad daylight, clearly disregarding where they were or what they were doing.

They were in a housing project around 1 p.m. in the afternoon on a Monday. It's a time when little kids are out playing in the yard. It's a time when moms are standing outside with their babies in their arms. It's a time when people should feel safe.

And then came the guns.

These men were so wrapped up in an argument that they couldn't -- or simply didn't -- see the risk their selfishness created for countless people who had nothing to do with it. 

Their argument killed a mother. It left three children motherless.

It turned a typical Monday afternoon for a mom home with the kids into a tragedy.

Cops are still searching for the two suspects involved in the shooting. Even if they find them, there's no way to undo the fatal consequences of their thoughtless actions.

But somehow we must send the message that this kind of behavior isn't acceptable. Whether it's shooting on public streets or driving drunk, crimes often have unintended and completely innocent victims.

If a mom holding her baby isn't safe, who is?


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nonmember avatar dealwithit

Okay, go ahead and hate on me, but everyone knows the projects are no place to raise a kid. If she had stopped having babies after the first one, she could have afforded a place in a safer area. But instead, she chose to have THREE MORE, knowing that she had NO MONEY, NO HUSBAND, and NO JOB, and then had no options left for her and 4 illegitimate kids but to move into the projects. It's tragic that she was killed, but what are these women thinking becoming baby factories when they know they can't afford to give these poor kids any kind of quality of life? Take your one kid, get on birth control, and go work yourself up. Sad, but entirely too common. People who seem to think quantity is more important than quality in parenting. Now, in all likelihood, her remaining kids will repeat the cycle...

Mrscj... Mrscjones

YOU ARE A DUMBASS @dealwithit. So because she lived in the projects its her fault some idiots killed her. How you know all her kids didnt come from the same man and even if they didnt that does not give you the right to talk about her death like that. She was for all purposes a good mother and daughter mourn her death not say its her fault. If someone decides to kill you because you never learned if you have nothing nice to say then dont say anything we all can say ah well she caused this on herself, not we hate the criminal that took your life.

daydr... daydreamer6170

@dealwithit, she may have been poor and living in a bad area, but im cetain she was a better person than you. and btw, she had 3 children, work on your reading skills. she was a young mother taking care of her own ill mother, not a serial killer. she didnt deserve this and her family doesnt deserve nasty comments from nasty people like you.

ollie... olliespunkma

My family doesnt live in the projects just a normal neighborhood in saint paul minnesota and last october 14 bullets shot through our home ,barely missed my daughter sleeping in her bed .this can happen anywhere

nonmember avatar kaerae

Oh, relax, they didn't say it was her fault, just questioning the logic of poor people who breed like rabbits. Three kids by three different fathers (yes, check the backstory) She was irresponsible, IN NO WAY DESERVED it, but quit acting like she was some kind of hero!

Megan Lee

Dealwithit... Have you ever heard of Victim Blaming?  I think you have, because you seem to be the Queen of it. 

nonmember avatar leilas_818

So, she's been living in the projects with 2 fatherless kids, and she decided to get pregnant again? Gee, did she think about closing her legs and working to get a better life for the 2 kids she already made a commitment to? If she's woring so hard taking care of her mom and raising 2 kids, how the hell did she get knocked up again? Maybe the kids will have a better shot in foster care, couldn't be much worse!


I am absolutely appalled at some the senseless comments by people who I assume consider themselves educated, decent human beings who feel they are knowledgeable enough to pontificate about the environment of someone who woke up, like any other day, and died a violent death.  SOMEONE DIED folks!!!  Who cares where she was living?  If she was accidently ran over by a careless driver in her downtown area but she STILL lived in the B'Ham Housing area would you say the same things? 

My condolences to her family and friends, especially her mother and her children.

stepm... stepmommy04

I live in "the projects" in my hometown. Since I cannot afford to live anywhere else right now with my husband being laid off and myself being disabled. Does that mean that if I were standing outside watching my stepdaughter play and I got shot I would deserve it? You didn't know her past or her circumstances. What if she just moved there from a nice suburban home because of financial trouble? Don't judge people.

Erin Dameron

Violence can happen anywhere there are people. It saddens me that people can be so selfish as to take someones life or to act as if life is a game and not a gift. I hope they catch the "boys" that did this, as a real man wouldn't have done any of this. Praying for her mother and her precious babies. 

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