Mom Turned In for Trading Young Daughter to Pay Off $5,000 Debt

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Bejarni RivasI've always had an extra dose of respect for the people who turn criminals into the police. It's the right thing to do, but that doesn't mean it's easily done. Take the mom accused of selling her teenage daughter off to a pedophile as debt relief.

The mother, whose name is being withheld to protect the identity of her now 15-year-old daughter, is accused of arranging for 44-year-old Bejarni Rivas to have sex with the child. According to cops, each rape (because that's exactly what it was) would knock $100 off mom's $5,000 debt.

It took the girl going to a relative, and the relative turning the mother and Rivas in, for this horror to stop. The girl is safe, and Rivas is facing 13 charges for the alleged rape of this child. The mom faces 11 charges for trading her child for debt reduction. The charges range from second-degree rape to human trafficking.

Turning these people in was the right thing to do. It was the only thing to do.

But in reality, not everyone would have done it. There's a code among certain families, whereby relatives look the other way when even the worst crimes are going on because "hey, it's family." People have a sick way of justifying not reporting crimes. There's a sense that as long as they don't get involved directly, they're not doing anything wrong

It takes a strong person to stand up and turn in any criminal but an even stronger one to turn in a family member. They risk not only the retribution that any criminal might exact, but also anger and recrimination from within their own family.

But in the end, their reward is one that's unmatched. A child is safe from the pedophile who raped her and from the mother who allegedly let it happen. And all because someone was brave enough to speak up.

Have you had to turn in someone to the police? What happened?


Image via Montgomery County Police

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LostS... LostSoul88

That poor child. i am so glad she turned in her mother and is now safe. Both the egg donor and raper need to be shot dead. 

Serab... Serabelle

This story both destroys and rebuilds my faith in humanity. What mother does that to their child? It's sick! And I don't know about other families, but in mine we protect each other, even from one another! There would be no reprocusion twords the member that turned the mom in, but the mom would be thrown out and someone else would take the daughter and any other children from her without hesitation. There would have been no hesitation for turning her in either. People need to protect.those that cannot defend themselves.

nonmember avatar Ashlry

She tells her daughter "I've done bad things to make a good life" and doesn't seem to see how she's still doing bad things by hurting her daughter in such a way? SMH. Some people are too selfish to be parents.

jacsm... jacsmama022

Glad someone turned her in. Sadly it doesn't always end so well like the case of Shaniya Davis whose mom did almost the same to pay off a drug debt. Poor excuses for mothers if you ask me.

Lauren Everett

What this woman effective told her daughter, is that she's worth a mere $100 to her. Sickos.


Melissa D Norman

Evidently she took Reba's song TOO LITERALLY!  "Just be nice to the gentlemen Fancy, they'll ne nice to you!....."

Ruth O'Steen Lineberger

How sad is it that our society is so STARVING for people to do the right thing, that we have to applaud people and call them 'strong' for doing it? It shouldn't be a tough decision to call the cops and bring this despicable injustice known and punished...regardless of it being family. You better believe I'd save a victim from a predator within my family. No hesitation involved. This story sickens me (along with the rest of the news). Hoping this poor 15 y/o gets good counseling fast.

Mary Gryspeerd

I was across the street from my nephew's grandmother's apartment and heard her beating him with an umbrella and something else. He was screaming and crying, begging her not to hit him again, when she would do exactly that. I called the cops. As far as I can recall, nothing happened, aside from a visit from the local pd.

Emilie Jean-Louis

I commend this family member for doing the right thing...May God bless them...

Darkk... DarkkStarr

yes I did many many years ago. the couple had 4 kids that had been taken away due to heroin addiction, but then she got pregnant again and was actually able to leave the hospital with her new daughter, when I saw the way they were living plus 1st hand knowledge of the drug use////I got the courage to call child protective services and got the baby removed from that very bad environment, she never found out who called on her, thankfully cuz the dad was a psycho junkie and I'm sure there would have been retaliation

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