Bride Saves Wedding Guest's Life by 'Kissing' Him Instead of the Groom

weddingThe 24-year-old bride wore a white dress and was trained as a nurse, the latter of which came in handy last weekend when one of bride Kylie Cox's guests keeled over and nearly died at her wedding. The quick-thinking bride gave him mouth-to-mouth until the paramedics arrived and then spent the rest of the evening in the hospital.

In this case, no one cared that the bride "kissed" another man since it likely saved his life. So much for that hateful "bridezilla" myth, right?

It might seem like this whole event ruined her wedding (the horror!), but given the happy outcome, I would say it actually did the opposite. It probably reminded Cox and her husband of just what they were celebrating. Saving the life of another human being completely unselfishly? Seeing your friend through to the hospital and helping him live through a trauma? Now that's a true merging of souls.


Cox pretty much gives that bridezilla myth the kick it deserves. I have known a lot of brides in my day and very few "bridezillas." The reality is, planning a wedding IS stressful and some women take that stress better than others.

But like any wife knows, the day of the wedding, a million things can go wrong, and most of the time, you won't care. We had nothing like a medical emergency at our wedding (though one guest left in an ambulance thanks to alcohol poisoning), but we did have a bag piper who deafened people, a ceremony with no seats for our guests, a planner who forgot to put the cameras on the table, and a fan so loud, no one could hear our vows.

You know what? It didn't matter. We had friends, family, love, and a big old blast. All that stress? Had been totally pointless. A wedding is just one day. It's just a blip on a lifetime and it isn't nearly as big a deal as people think it is. You know what is a big deal? Friendship. Love. Caring gestures.

This bride did more than marry her groom. She proved herself to be a great person to have around in an emergency as well as a loving and brave human being. She will make a fantastic wife and maybe, someday, a great mother as well.

This isn't a ruined wedding. This is a true inspiration. I am betting on this couple lasting forever and I am so happy their friend is OK.

Do you think weddings are overplayed?


Image via Shelley Panzarella/Flickr

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