Mother of 9 Accused of Suffocating Newborn Because She Had 'Too Many Kids'

A mother of nine has been arrested, accused of smothering her newborn daughter to death because she "already had too many kids." Indeed, the woman, Nina Koistinen, already had nine children. Her husband, Bradley, reportedly discovered the infant unconscious and rushed her to the hospital but it was too late. An autopsy discovered signs of suffocation.

The Arizona mom was 36 and had already had nine babies -- possibly more if there were miscarriages. That means she spent most of her adult life pregnant and breastfeeding and taking care of children. Her husband says his wife "suffers from bipolar, schizophrenia, and depression and we have tried for years and years to manage it."

Continuing to have babies was not "managing it." In fact, the mom had reportedly been investigated in the past because she had allegedly threatened to suffocate the children. She had also apparently said she wanted the children to "have a car crash" and "go to heaven." As for her baby Maya, the mom reportedly admitted to having "pinched Maya's nose, twisted, suffocated, and smothered baby Maya."

Her husband also said:

She's been mixed up before where she thinks I'm God ... when she's not on her medication. Things aren't right and she needs serious mental help.

But you keep having babies?! Look I'm not saying that every family can't handle this many kids -- the Duggar family seems to be doing okay. But it's certainly not for everyone. And probably not for a woman with a mental illness. Sounds like the family either doesn't believe in birth control or doesn't believe in abortion or both -- and in this case, either one would have been preferable to what allegedly happened. This could have been prevented with some family planning -- quite a few children ago. And if the father knew about her past comments, he bears some responsibility in this.

A blog post claims that the Koistinens were part of a faith that required families to have large amounts of children, and that using birth control would mean going to hell. If true, this is tragic and sounds like this church bears some responsibility too.

Do you think this mom should have stopped having kids?


Image via Phoenix Police Dept.

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Carme... Carmen8706

Maybe she should have gotten herself fixed.  Maybe CPS should have removed the kids after the first threat was made.  Maybe the father should have taken the kids away when he knew she wasn't getting treatment for her illness.  Too many failures in this case to count.

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

Holy crap. Thats so messed up. I don't care what her excuse was. Shes sick, and needs to be in jail.  AWAY from her kids. 

linzemae linzemae

Im so fucking sick of seeing stories like this. Disgusting!

kisse... kisses5050

my beautiful niece came to us because because a young mother  realized she had one baby already...and that was all she could handle and hope to finish college and provide for the two of them....I thank her silently everyday for her brave unselfish act,

Venae Venae

But it's a violation of her rights to yank her uterus - and her husband's testicles while we're at it.  

Just like Andrea Yates - her husband kept on impregnating her even though they kept someone around all the time to make sure she didn't kill the kids.  Except they were late one day.


tuffy... tuffymama

Yup, Venae. Rusty Yates should roast for what he did. He just couldn't help himself, I guess? Disgusting. It takes a certain kind of rat bastard to continue violating a mentally ill woman and bringing more people into the world to potentially suffer the life sentence of mental illness, too.

nonmember avatar Lydia

I totally agree with you Venae, the husband is totally responsible for the baby's murder, he was being a typical sex-crazed pervert, like all men are. He should be arrested and shot, she needs love and compassion and support, since she is a victim of male violence, male perversion!

nonmember avatar sam

Lydia what is your problem?everytime I see your comments it is always about men sexually abusing kids.

As for the story I couldn't fathom killing my gifts from god

nonmember avatar sam

Lydia why are you always bad mouthing men cause you give men a bad name.not all men are the same

Eddie... EddiesMama83

It's funny how nobody blames the mother for this. Oh well, I guess it was just post-birth abortion, right?

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