8-Year-Old Girl's Fatal Stabbing in Her Own Home Prompts Manhunt (VIDEO)

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Calaveras County SheriffThere is a complete horror story unfolding in my part of the country this morning. Police say a 8-year-old Northern California girl was stabbed to death in her own home around noon yesterday. What a completely terrifying and heartbreaking story. And it just gets worse!

Her 12-year-old brother apparently walked in on the intruder in their home when he called their parents. The parents then called 911 while the intruder reportedly ran away. There's at least one report that a neighbor told police they saw the same man running from the home. That's when, police say, the older brother checked on his younger sister and found she had been stabbed and suffered "very serious and severe injuries." The girl was later pronounced dead at the hospital. 

According to the Calaveras County Sheriff and District Attorney’s Office, the homicide took place in a rural neighborhood in Valley Springs, CA. The suspect is described as a "White or Hispanic male, with longer gray hair, six foot tall, muscular build, last seen wearing a black long sleeved shirt and blue pants." He is considered armed and dangerous.

As of last night, police were doing door-to-door searches for this suspect, but there don't seem to be any breaks in this case yet this morning. There are no suspects in custody. The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office will hold an official press briefing at 3:00pm today to update information relating to the homicide investigation.

There are simply not enough details right now for us to even begin to start processing this horror story. All I know is that no child should ever have to endure such an atrocity of being stabbed to death or having to find one's sibling in such a state. The noon hour in one's own home should never be the setting for such terror and heartbreak.

Cbslocal - Manhunt Underway In Calaveras County For 9-Year-Old Girl's Killer

If you live in Valley Springs or the neighboring communities and see someone matching the suspect’s description, report it immediately by calling 911 or calling the tip line at (209) 754-6030. 

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family, especially the young brother, at this time. May the police find their suspect very soon.

UPDATE 5:10pm ET:

Authorities and the county coroner have identified the girl as 8-year-old Leila Fowler. Initially (and in the original version of this post), she was reported as being 9-years-old, but Coroner Kevin Raggio said Sunday Leila would have turned 9 in June.

Do you keep your doors locked at all times? Even around noon?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

: ( not during the day cause we are in and out of the house. If we are gone we do. This is so freaking sad.

eleph... elephantmamaof2

Yes, we absolutely do. Both the back door and front door. I didn't grow up that way though, and to this day the only time my parents lock their door is when they're away on vacation.

nonmember avatar Sam

It sounds to me like the 12 year old boy may be a suspect

Lisa Sutton

Sam, I'm sure they're looking in to that, as they HAVE to suspect everyone at this point. Though it's sad, because most likely he is innocent. We keep our doors locked. My husband even locks the screen to of our home. Though I complain that he does this, it's better to be safe than sorry. When I was a kid (I'm only 26 right now) we kept our doors unlocked all the time. My grandma would let me and my 2 siblings outside for hours at a time without supervision and wouldn't have to worry. We can't do this these days. I refuse to even let my 5 year old outside by herself to play with the neighbor kids in our community. If she is outside, we're out with her, and she has to be in viewing distance at all times! You can't be too safe!

nonmember avatar blue

Our doors are locked at all times. No matter how safe we criminals want the easy house. This story is strange to me. Why would a man leave a witness behind? He was clearly getting rid of the girl, but he just runs away when he sees a boy? Doesn't make sense.

nonmember avatar jackie

where were the parents? It says 12 yr old called the parents. Why were the kids there alone?

hopea... hopealways4019

She was alone, why did this intruder attack girl? Was it a burglary gone bad? She too young to have an enemy. And yes i do keep door unlock during day.

nonmember avatar babyboomer46

Yes 24/7. While a senior in high school our next door pregnant neighbor had an intruder rape her because her husband left for work earlier and did not lock the door. She had two small boys asleep and he treatened to kill them if she didn't cooperate.

Jenn Jabber Hughes

That is horrible! both this story and what happened to your neighbor @babyboomer46.. I keep my doors locked at all times. But I don't live in the safest area and have already been broken into and had all of our movies loaded up in our pillow cases (around 600) and walked right out our front door in the day time! It was from a lady I had issues with over her friend taking advantage of me while I was unconscious one night. she believed I had lied about it and decided to get back at me for "ruining his name" I don't even know his name. Thing that hurt me the most was she had known me and my children for a couple of years and still didn't think twice about stealing their pillow cases or kids movies along with mine. Some people truly do not care about right or wrong.

ollie... olliespunkma

Never trust people they are monsters

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