Murderer’s Sarcastic Comment as He’s Put to Death Is Almost Too Shocking to Believe

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Richard Cobb
Richard Cobb
Convicted murderer Richard Cobb never learned. The Texas man was killed via lethal injection Thursday night for abducting and killing a man, and abducting two women whom he shot and left for dead.

Now, typically, in a person's final hours of life, they come to grips with what they've done and try to make a last-ditch effort to absolve themselves of their wrongdoing. Not Cobb. Know what his final words were?

"Wow! That is great. That is awesome! Thank you, warden! Thank you f*cking warden!"

Right before Cobb's sarcastic outburst, it seemed, kind of, like he learned something. When asked what his last words were, he said: "Life is death, death is life. I hope that someday this absurdity that humanity has come to will come to an end. Life is too short. I hope anyone that has negative energy towards me will resolve that. Life is too short to harbor feelings of hatred and anger. That's it, warden." But in a pinch, Cobb turned "angry" and harbored feelings of hatred toward the warden, not heeding his message at all.

Nikki Daniels, who was raped and shot during Cobb's attack in 2002, but survived to testify against Cobb, witnessed the execution. She said, "I thought he was going to be remorseful, I thought he was going to be apologetic, was hoping that he was going to address me. I saw the same evil person I saw 11 years ago. He definitely showed his true colors."

I think we can all agree that what Cobb did was wrong -- and there was clearly something very wrong with him. But hearing his final words makes him seem all the more horrible. Usually, in a person's last moments, they accept their fate and make an effort to be a "good" person, hoping it will negate the awful things they've done in their life. It seems like only a truly evil, deeply angry human would say something like this at the very end. So, regardless of what your feelings on the death penalty are, I think it's safe to say that it's probably not a bad thing that the world is rid of him. I really don't think he'd ever change his ways.

What do you think of this?


Image via Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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nonmember avatar blue

He's a murderer and a rapist. I think it would be naive to think he'd spew rainbows and unicorns. A lot of people are evil right to their death. There is no "usually." He was evil. I hope his victims can find closure in other ways :(

LostS... LostSoul88

They should have put a bullet in his head 10 years ago

eupeptic eupeptic

Acceptance and forgiveness are two very important things that help us become more spiritually enlightened. Allowing our happiness to be dependant on others (in this case, hoping for an apology and/or feelings of remorse from him) causes us to not be as happy in life as we would be if we were to choose to be in full control over our own attitude towards others in life (by being accepting and forgiving of how things are rather than hoping or demanding that others cater to your desires in life).

CAP1015 CAP1015

While terribly painful for the victims, I think this is a great example of a person who either couldn't or wouldn't hide his true personality.  Political correctness many times provides a mask/cover for those who would otherwise expose their true feelings.  His behaviour also confirms that at times the Death Penalty is completly justified, even if it is not prompt.


jalaz77 jalaz77

Yes CAP1015!!

Mommi... MommietoJB

Kind of makes sense, he obviously doesnt regret his crimes and he probably was angry at everyone that he was about to be put to death. Its really a luxury to be put down like that,you get a last meal, last words and you basically go to sleep and never wake up. Something his victims never had a chance to do.

tuffy... tuffymama

Too bad he didn't go more painfully. Death Row as an institution needs to go. We spend too much on feeding and sheltering scum. I'm sure there has to be someone who can and will shoot two condemned with one bullet and save us money on ammunition.

kiriis kiriis

What ever happened to the firing squad?

hexxuss hexxuss

I think it helps everyone not feel sorry for him in the slightest.  It's justification that he was breathing valuable oxygen that someone productive could be breathing.

Willa... Willa-wonders

Lethal injection isn't enough. They sedate the inmate before killing them. They should die by the way they killed. Some people are just evil through and through.

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