Airmen's Spirited 'Rolling in the Deep' Cover Will Blow You Away (VIDEO)

angie johnson airwoman sidewinder adele rolling in the deepAdele's "Rolling in the Deep" is one of those tracks everyone seems to think they can sing. Or wish they could sing, at least. When contestants bust an Adele cover out on The Voice, Adam Levine's eyes basically roll into the back of his head -- for a reason. Ain't no one does it like Adele. ... EXCEPT U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Angie Johnson, who you just have to see -- and hear -- to believe.

A video of Sgt. Johnson and the Air Force band, Sidewinder, performing "Rolling in the Deep" has hit the web, and if you're like I was, completely convinced no voice could even come close to Adele's, you're in for a big surprise.

Check it out ...

Incredible, right? Not only am I'm such a fan of the more upbeat rendition with the bongos, but for Sgt. Johnson's passion and energy. It's so awesome to see that when they're not out there defending our country, these airmen are able to chill out and rock out like this, showing off their truly awesome musical abilities and talents.

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Come to think of it -- the government may want to consider Sgt. Johnson and Sidewinder for some kind of special mission ... One spirited, mind-blowing performance could potentially inspire world peace!

What do you think of this performance?


Image via Satoshi Red/YouTube



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Saw her on The Voice last season. She has an amazing voice =)

flowe... flowerfunleah

Wow! That was super awesome!

Caera Caera

Running out of things to write about Maressa? This story is about a year old. Since then, the lead singer has been on every morning talk show program, and was a contestant on LAST YEAR's The Voice. And this has all been on The Stir before.

lobus lobus

Wow. Hellloooo 2012...

Amelia Stacey

Airman, not soldier. Soldier's are Army. Airman are Airforce.

Amelia Stacey

Amazing talent though.

meparty meparty

she was on the voice, awesome

Hope Springs A Turtle

Angie is awesome...and just for the sake of clarity, she's not soldier- she's an Airman. USAF Airman.

Irela... Ireland69

This is way old!!!

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