Best Man Fatally Stabs Bride in Case That Makes Us Wonder Who We Can Trust

wedding bouquetWhen it comes to selecting people to stand up for you at your wedding, it's a big deal. You choose people that you respect, love, and can count on ... hopefully. So a murder case out of North Carolina in which the best man from a couple's wedding has allegedly fatally stabbed the bride is more than chilling.

According to WNCT, 29-year-old Jamie Hahn and her husband Nation Hahn, 27, were attacked Monday night in their home. Nation was treated and released, while Jamie died Wednesday morning of her injuries. The suspect in the case -- Jonathan Wayne Broyhill, 31 -- was the best man in their April 2009 wedding. According to the reports, he has been arrested and was charged with attempted murder while Jamie was fighting for her life. Now that she has died, murder charges will likely follow.

The question now, of course, is why? Why would he do this to some of his closest friends?

According to reports, Nation and Jonathan grew up together, and all three attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. They even all worked together and toward similar goals -- as Democratic political strategists -- and pictures show the three of them together smiling and seemingly enjoying a close friendship.  So what went wrong?

Was their jealousy? Some sort of romantic twist? Or some deep-seeded argument that finally came to a head? At this point we don't have many answers, but it sure does make us ask questions about those we know.

Most of us probably don't think someone we're close to is capable of something like this, but what does it take to push someone over the edge? Can someone we've known -- or think we know -- for years, suddenly just snap like that, or were there warning signs all along? I don't know, but I will certainly be following this case closely to see what kind of answers come forth.

What do you think could drive a best man to do something like this?


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Chandra Haverstock

drugs...not the couple, but the best man. If he was addicted to something he might have gone to rob them for money and attacked them instead. So sad for whatever the real reason is for the killing.

2baby... 2babymomma

I don't get what this really has to do with their wedding at all

jalaz77 jalaz77

2babymomma-attention grabbing headline, it has NOTHING to do with their wedding besides it being the best man at a wedding that took place 4 yrs ago. Happens all the time. I thought oh no bride didn't make it to the wedding day, nope sucker me. Sad story either way.

bills... billsfan1104

Jalaz, I thought the same thing. I thought this happened at the wedding

nonmember avatar Hugs

Misleading headline, still sad but was that necessary?

Craft... CraftyJenna

You made it sound like he stabbed her at the wedding. Being best man years ago has nothing to do with it, people kill people they know all the damn time. 

LostS... LostSoul88

Maybe the husband paid off best friend to do it. Husband receives minor injuries but wife receives fatal. Sorry but I think the husband had something to do with it.


And ladies are you surprised the title is misleading? I mean come on. This is the stir. I have found dozens of stories were they were written wrong just to make it sound worse. The Stir is called that for a reason. TO STIR SHIT. 

Zande... ZanderBomb

It had something to do with campaign finances.  Broyhill possibly faked refund checks to contriubtors.  He was over for dinner and stabbed the wife when her husband left the room.

nonmember avatar J

Actually he was embezelling from Jamie's company sky blue ( he did accounting work) She confronted him. He was actually semi livening with Jamie and Nation at their home.n

Jeffrey Millinger

There are ALWAYS warning signs... and it's not always that we don't see them, but more often, we just deny them.

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