Topless Kate Middleton Photos Result in Royally Serious Charges Against 2

kate middleton and prince williamSo remember those topless of photos of Kate Middleton that emerged last September? Yeah, I'd kind of forgotten about them too, but the royal palace has not. Not even close.

This week both Ernesto Mauri, executive of the publisher of Closer magazine (which published the pictures), and a female photographer of La Provence newspaper (thought to have taken the photos) have reportedly been charged with invasion of privacy for the revealing pics of Kate taken when she and Prince William were vacationing in France. Justice may be served after all.

In September, they won the first legal battle in which they were able to put a stop to the publication of the photos in France, but these charges take it one step further. It's a step I wasn't confident would actually come about, but am more than glad to see.

According to the Huffington Post, the court will hear the case June 5, and it's unclear what kind of penalty the two could face, but whatever it is, the message is clear -- this kind of an invasion of privacy is not okay.

In most cases where celebrities and public figures moan about their privacy being invaded, I have no sympathy. They put themselves out there and make a living on our gawking, but only want us to gawk when they want us to gawk. Not fair. In the case of Kate, however, she was on private property -- at William's cousin's chateau, not a public beach.

She should have been able to expect privacy. Journalists using long-range lenses, and other creepy devices is not fair, and I hope the result of this case really sends a strong message that such overzealous actions won't be tolerated.

Are you glad to see charges filed in this case?


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Craft... CraftyJenna

Yes, you should be able to expect privacy on private property, especially when the property is miles across. No one should be able to take pictures of you  in your own home or backyard without your consent. 

adopt... adoption2013

of course she has the right to expect privacy.  What's next are they going to try to get pictures of her privates in the delivery room?  Is she going to have to be paranoid that someone is going to videotape her using the bathroom, changing, or being intimate with her husband?  She was on private property with her husband.  This woman is my future Queen.  More than that she is a human being.  How would you like to be treated like this?

Honeybee Bee

So what their just boobs

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