Woman Who Faked Virginity Fined for 'Emotionally Damaging' Husband (VIDEO)

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gavel courtWe've got some pretty messed up ideas about virginity in this country, but wow, our passive-aggressive ideas and messages about sex are nothing like Egypt's. An Egyptian woman has reportedly been ordered to pay her former husband £5240 ($7,500) in "damages" after he discovered that she lied about being a virgin. Yes, this actually went to COURT!

The court ruled that the woman had not informed her husband that she had lost her virginity prior to them getting married and had even undergone surgery to hide the fact that she no longer held her V-card. And as a result, the HUSBAND claims he was "emotionally damaged" by the phony virginity tale. He said that as a result of the deception, he was "suffering from depression and had lost trust in the people around him." WOW ... can you even imagine?

What a complete nightmare for this poor woman. Can't some kind of international women's group step in and help her?!

While a situation like this strikes me as just plain sick and completely out of place in this day and age, the sad truth is that not being a virgin is still considered a huge issue in some cultures. I understand that it's generally religion-based, but it's also backasswards, antiquated, and misogynistic!

The times they have a'changed! Putting so much weight on virginity that non-virginal women are subjected to inhumane, unjust attitudes and treatment is nothing short of horrific. The fact that these women have to go under the knife to make it seem as though they still are virgins is reprehensible. And a story like this should truly make all cultures reflect on how much importance they want to place on something that in the year 2013 should have absolutely no bearing on a woman's perceived value, status, or safety. 

What do you make of this horrible story?



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fleur... fleurdelys3110

"backasswards, antiquated, and misogynistic" = Islam.

If in your political correctness, you think I am being racist, hear it from a Muslim woman herself:


Alaina Quist

this guy sounds like a giant pussy ass bitch

Jessica Carlson

Part of the complaint was that she lied about having been previously married, which would have upset me too.

Rachelle Miller

Poor woman? she willingly lied to her husband and went to the extreme to hide it. I understand that some cultures are more strict when it comes to that but she did it to herself in my opinion, once you lie you can't take it back, the trust is broken and there for I think she should pay the price for lying... As I always say, don't put yourself in the position to have to lie in the first place and you won't have to deal with the consequence of it later.

nonmember avatar yep

just fyi, i know a guy who was dating a girl and she lied to him about being a virgin. he was traumatized from it. and that was only the beginning of her lies. the dude has every right to pissed and sue her for it. only psychos lie about stuff like that.

prplecat prplecat

And the next story down is "I dumped a guy when I learned of his shady past".  We have a double standard here, folks. 

Given that this happened in EGYPT, she's pretty lucky that her ex only took her to court...she could have been dead.  Is it right?  Nope.  But she certainly knew what could happen when she lied.  And yes, I am quite aware that social pressures there are the reason that women have to lie about such things!

Vegeta Vegeta

Well not that I think being a virgin should matter, she DID lie to her husband about something that was important to him. Probably not enough to pay a fine or anything, but I can understand how he feels like he cant trust people. Not to mention that it probably brought him shame and imbarassment when the truth came out. The one person who your supposed to trust completely lied to him about a pretty big stipulation of their religion. And if its the religion part thats holding you up, just imagine if one of your male friends just married a lady who told him she worked 3rd shift somewhere but she was actually a prostitute. Thats kind of a big blow to him, and imbarassing when his friends and family find out. (obviously, not being a virgin =/= prostitute, but for that part of the world the embarrassment factor is equatable).

Also NORMAL muslims do not believe the same way radical people do. People here are so ignorant because the only type of Islam you've been subjected to is crazy extremests. Do you believe the westboro baptist church are actually christians? You never hear about the good things muslims do, just like you never hear about the good things christians do because "priests rape thousands of children scandal" sells more papers. The Koran and the Bible BOTH call for people to take care of eachother and live peacefully. If you read them you would know that. 

Caera Caera

Let's forget they're Egyptian Muslims, since there's so much Muslim-hate, and just look at it from the point of view of two people who are getting married.

Very simply, she misrepresented herself in a way that mattered to her husband-to-be. She went to great lengths to LIE to him.

I don't blame him for being peeved.


Mommi... MommietoJB

She's probably thankful her punishment was to pay him damages and not be stoned to death.

nonmember avatar blh

So I should be able to sue all the asshole guys that lied to me? *eye roll* you definitely shouldn't lie about but its not the courts business what goes on in personal relationships. You will be lied to and you will get hurt. This guy should get the hell over it.

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