Rookie News Anchor's F-Bomb Leads to World's Most Awkward On-Air Exchange (VIDEO)

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news anchor drops f-bombYou guys, I've seen some cringeworthy newscaster moments (remember the "Boom goes the dynamite" guy?), but Sunday evening's blooper from an NBC station in Bismarck, North Dakota just might take the cake. Rookie news anchor A.J. Clemente hadn't had a lot of air time before, but thanks to YouTube, he's definitely destined for Internet fame now.

Not that he's likely enjoying this attention, of course. The poor guy messed up his broadcast so badly, he's now been fired ... and the worst part is, his live F-bomb (and subsequent horrified stuttering) happened on his very first newscast. Ohhhhhhh, the humanity!

(Warning: R-rated language ahead!)

So basically if you were tuning into NBC’s KFYR-TV on Sunday night, you were introduced to A.J. Clemente when he started the broadcast by mumbling “Gay ... Fucking ... Shit."

Yes. He actually said that. He actually said that all of 15 seconds into his very first broadcast in his career as a news anchor, could you just DIE.

In Clemente's defense, he didn't realize his microphone was on, and as he explained later, he wasn't saying "gay" -- he was stumbling over the pronunciation of London Marathon winner Tsegaye Kebede’s first name. Once he said it, though, there wasn't much he could do ... except soldier on to deliver an incredibly awkward performance.

Check out the sure-to-be-infamous blooper:

God, I don't know what's worse, his co-anchor's tortured introduction, or his nonsensical banter ("I'm used to being ... um, from the east coast"). Or, you know, the AUDIBLE CUSS WORDS at the start of the broadcast.

Unfortunately for Clemente, he was swiftly suspended by his news director, who wrote in a statement,

He did not realize his microphone was on, but still, that’s no excuse. We train our reporters to always assume that any microphone is live at any time. Unfortunately, that was not enough in this case. We can’t take back what was said. The person involved has been suspended until we resolve the situation. All we can do at this point is ask for your forgiveness, and I can offer my personal assurance that I will do my best to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again under my watch.

Clemente also took to Twitter to say what everyone was thinking:

He also apologized, and clarified that he was moving on:

I just want to say that I did not say the word gay, I was trying to pronounce the London Marathon winners name Tsegaye Kebede.

Tough day,Thanks for the support,We all make mistakes. Im truly sorry for mine. I'll try my hardest to come back better and learn from this.

Unfortunately KFYRTV has decided to let me go. Thank you to them and everyone in ND for the opportunity and everyone for the support.

Man, I feel for the guy -- but I'm sure he's learned a very valuable lesson about always assuming the mic is on. Best of luck in your future fucking endeavors, A.J. Clemente!

Do you think this news anchor should have been given a second chance?

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mommy... mommyredrose23

OMG...your last line (before the question)...too funny! Most everyone deserves a second chance, but I understand why he was canned...I'm sure he'll find another job soon.

LostS... LostSoul88

ah no he shouldn't. Hes at work and that language is no place for the work place. It was immature. He may have graduated college but he stuill has a lot of growing up to do. He only apologized for not knowing his mike was on and got caught saying words he shouldn't at work or on a lve broadcast and not for being rude dick head. 

nonmember avatar Emmie

People at my company cuss from the top down. It's not like it's being thrown around constantly, but nobody is uptight when someone tosses the F-bomb. Pretty normal part of our office culture. I thought it was pretty funny, but what a bummer way to start your career!

Nancy... NancyJ422

He totally deserves a 2nd chance!

Melan... MelanieJK

He should get a second chance but it should be given by a different employer.   

They should expect people to behave like professionals at all times.   Of course people lose it sometimes but a new person who is still getting the lay of the land?      You don't sllp unless you don't have the ability to control it even when you're trying to or you've been queued by the environment that it's acceptable.. as long as you're not on air.

nonmember avatar rouenmom

His coanchor should be fired as well, for a totally unprofessional and unremarkable intro of her new colleague. She's terrible.

Karen Sunshine Marschner-Cassel

Yes. Under the stessfull circumstances .We cannot hold people accountable for saying GAY. Thats just bogus.People say alot of things under stress.

tuffy... tuffymama

Ugh. This is like that school nightmare where you do something stupid in front of an entire school full of people, magnified. The only way what he did could get any worse for me personally, is if I did what he did but in the nude. I would die. When I saw that video this morning, I cringed so hard for him that I think I shrank my internal organs. I hope his career recovers, and I hope he learned the appropriate lesson from this experience and can go on and shake it off.

Mommi... MommietoJB

Both people in the video seem terrible, they both need to find a new career path.

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