Suspect's Throat Injury May Delay Answers in Boston Bombings but at Least There's Still Hope

Boston Marathon BombingDuring the manhunt for the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings, there was one strong hope -- that at least one of them would be captured alive so we had a chance of getting some answers. That hope was realized Friday night when Dzhokar Tsarnaev was taken in alive, but now there are reports that a serious throat injury has left him unable to speak.

According to UPI, it's thought that Tsarnaev attempted to commit suicide before he was captured. Police believe he may have fired a gun into his mouth that left him with a serious injury and an inability to communicate. As frustrating as that is when we want answers so badly, fortunately, authorities don't believe it means that we'll never get them.

CBS correspondent John Miller, a former FBI spokesman, explained:

That's one of the reasons he's unable to communicate. But he can understand what they're saying and they believe there's going to be a point where he'll be able to talk to him.

With or without a voice, the question is will he provide answers? After his arrogant partying behavior in the days after the bombings, and the seemingly normal life he led before them, the truth is we have no idea what to expect from this kid.

He's reportedly in serious but stable condition, so there's still a chance that he won't survive, but everyone is hoping that he does for the same reason. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick told reporters Saturday, "I, and I think all of the law enforcement professionals, are hoping for a host of reasons that the suspect survives, because we have a million questions, and those questions need to be answered."

According to the Wall Street Journal, he may be charged as early as this afternoon. While his injuries may delay the answers we so desperately want, at least there's hope. At least, as of now, he's alive, and has the potential to give us insight as to why this happened, and, more importantly, how we can prevent anything similar from happening again in the future.

Do you think this suspect will ever give the answers we want?


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Melan... MelanieJK

They intentionally  killed and maimed innocent random people.    They made no attempt to communicate why.    That suggests they think we know why.    They know exactly what we'll assume.     If this kid tried to commit suicide,   he's not interested in telling us our assumptions are wrong. 

mompam mompam

Are they giving him pain meds? I hope not.

nonmember avatar Edward Lee

He may answer but one has to make sure he does so willingly..It may be a difficult task

tiffa... tiffanya07

Of course they're giving him pain meds. He's at a hospital being medically treated. They can't not medicate him as needed. Technically he's innocent until proven guilty.

tiffa... tiffanya07

I hope we do get answers though. I think we need to know why.

hopea... hopealways4019

If he cant speak , he can still write.

kelti... kelticmom

Although we may all know in our hearts that he is guilty as sin, in out country you are considered innocent until proven guilty and all burden of proof is on the prosecution. He, as a human being and an American citizen, deserves his Miranda rights and competent medical care. If we suspend the Constitution for him, which citizen will it be suspended for next? As unfair as it may seem, we have to abide by our own laws or we are no better than some third world dictatorship.

nonmember avatar stella

he should be able to write.

grnsm... grnsmomma

kelticmom I agree.  I thought it was very strange that they didn't (haven't still?) read him his Miranda rights.  From what I understood from the news, anything he "says" will be thrown out until his rights are read.  But now hearing that his injuries prevent him from talking still, that makes a little sense why they didn't at first.

Do I think we'll get the answers we want?  No.  I hope they keep him on suicide watch.

Lisa Sutton

He most likely can write..

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