Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Partied This Week Like He Deserved It

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Dzhokhar TsarnaevThe more we find out about alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the more confusing his involvement in the terror plot becomes. The younger suspect is still being described by friends and classmates as a nice, normal guy. But just days after the bombing, it seems the 19-year-old suspected of murdering innocent people at the marathon went out and partied at college as if nothing had happened.

If it's true, one thing is clear: the lack of remorse this move shows casts doubt on folks trying to paint the younger suspect as a normal kid pulled into a sick twisted plot by older brother Tamerlan.

That's the story being told by uncle Ruslan Tsarni, the man who told media this week that his older nephew, the now deceased Tamerlan, was a "loser." The media has found myriad high school and college friends of Dzhokhar who said he was normal kid who showed no signs of the cruelty perpetrated on Monday in Boston and Tsarni supported that with his insistence on the Today Show:

He’s just another victim of his older brother. He victimized others, but he’s been used by his older brother.

Maybe it's true. Maybe Tamerlan turned his sweet little brother into a terrorist. 

But wouldn't a kid who was just being dragged into a plot show some shame?

Show some humility?

Stop partying for God's sake?

Students at UMass Dartmouth, where Dzhokhar was a sophomore, report the bombing suspect was "relaxed" during a dorm party attended by some of his friends from intramural soccer on Wednesday.

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Relaxed? Two days after murdering an 8-year-old child and two innocent adults? After sending hundreds to the hospital, many whose lives are forever changed?

It's as if he thought he deserved to go out and have fun after a rough week.

Little Martin Richard will never have fun again.

As a mother, as a human, I want to look at this younger kid as a victim of his older brother. I've spoken with a lot of mothers and fathers this week who said the same; because of Dzhokhar's age, we looked at him as we did Lee Boyd Malvo, the younger DC sniper who reported being sexually abused by the elder killer, John Allen Muhammad. Malvo was in no way innocent of the crimes, but it was clear the teen had been terrorized as well. Looking at Dzhokhar in a similar manner makes the horror of someone so young being charged with something so terrible a bit easier to take.

Unfortunately, what we wish were true and what truly is don't often match up.

The pattern of the younger suspect's behavior since the bombing paints a picture of a disturbed young man. On Monday night, there was a comment on a Twitter account identified as his, a status that seems to pretend to care about those hurt in the bombing:

Ain't no love in the heart of the city, stay safe people.

On Tuesday, he was already being spotted on campus, as if nothing had gone wrong. And then, on Wednesday, at a party.

These aren't the actions of a kid who is sorry. They're the actions of a grown up who just doesn't care.

What do you make of the bombing suspect partying this week after the murders of innocent people?


Image via Boston Police Department

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Jessie Baade

This is purely devil's advocate, okay? And this is from someone who lives in the Boston area. I think people don't know how to process shock. There is no "normal." I remember someone I know who accidentally shot an employee being accused of reacting with no remorse but those of us who knew him knew he would have done anything to go back in time. He could be just a flat out sociopath. Or he could he known he was screwed and was trying to block reality out.  I am wondering why didn't he leave if he didn't want to get caught while he had time? Maybe he wanted to be caught.  There is no road map for normal behavior here. Its going to be interesting to see what they find out.

nonmember avatar owo

Maybeeee he was relaxed because he didn't do it..? Just maybe? Since he's now only SUSPECT, as you pointed out in the title?

Mommi... MommietoJB

I think these two idiots thought they would never be identified. When the fbi posted their wanted pics they then decided to skip town.It shows how smug and arrogant they were.

Melan... MelanieJK

Check out Al Queda's Inspire magazine.    They don't just train them how to make bombs,  they train them how to blend in including not to share their views.     The fact that the older brother had been talked to by the FBI no doubt served as a warning to not talk to anybody about anything like this. 

None of these so-called friends seem to have a clue what they thought about anything.    I.E. they're superficial relationships.     Partying with someone is not the same as hanging around debating the controversies of the day.     

nonmember avatar Bru

They came here as refugees,that means they got free housing,umemployment compensation,food stamps free education-did not pay school taxes and other benefits paid for by the citizens of America-Check it out -other benefits that nobody is telling the American People. Why do you think they had to get money from that guy they robbed? W take care of them and they turn around and kill and maime Americans.

bills... billsfan1104

He is 19. He is not a child. He is legally an adult.

nonmember avatar Pm

Yes. I find it sad that we already find him guilty. While it seems like he is guilty from all the information from the media there is no real evidence that they killed anyone. As I believe firmly in justice and consequences I believe tht we need to give everyone a fair trial and let us (or a jury) look over the evidence that these two men placed bombs at the scene. As well as evidence that they murdered the very young and esteemed MIT police officer. I know there are pictures of other men at the scene that were suspected. (Sorry for the poor writing there is a pampers as literally filling up the whole comment box haha so I can't even see). I just really don't understand how someone could act so carefree after doing such a horrible crime. Sociopath or not I believe that anyone even a professional adult would be able to be so calm with so much attention. I also really don't understand how if you were

Going to put a bomb in a giant crowd of people with whom probably 90 percent had camera phones (as well as knowledge of surveillance cameras) why would you not wear glasses And a backwards hat. If one is so good or so trained at acting innocent why would you be so naive at the same time. And I really don't understand why thy would shoot the police man. And why would you carry the signature bomb to prove you were guilty. I have a lot more i could ramble more I just wish this wasnt a digital witch hunt. Just lets be smart and fair humans.

ysmeine ysmeine

We don't know what he was thinking or feeling. If you had done something you regret, a party would be a good distraction to forget it. 

Stama... Stamatina79

He wasn't convicted...

nonmember avatar Troy

He's such an angel this lad,he only helped place bombs that blew the arms and legs off countless people and killed several and a cop in cold blood!! Is this site for real? The guy who ID'd them SAW them place the freakin' backpacks on near the finish line.This bast-rd should be tied to a Peterbilt and drug through the streets of Boston to the tune of 60mph.Justice? Yep.

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