Second Stillborn's Remains Lost at Hospital in a Week is More Than a 'Mistake'

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maternity wardWhen the body of a stillborn baby is sent to the hospital laundry, it could be an accident. A tragic accident, but an accident all the same. Only now there's news that a second stillborn's remains are missing at the same Minnesota hospital that lost track of a family's little boy on Tuesday.

Suddenly we've gone from "terrible mistake," the words used by the hospital's chief nursing officer on Wednesday, to what? A callous treatment of human life? An employee with a serious problem?

Regions Hospital of St. Paul apparently can't find a second set of remains, this of a stillborn baby born at 19 weeks gestation. Unlike the body of the boy found in the laundry this week, this child's body is still missing.

Still missing.

Put yourself in those parents' shoes. They've already suffered the unspeakable horror of pre-term labor and a stillbirth. They are already suffering. And now the hospital can't find their child's remains.

They can't bury their child.

And there's something awfully fishy about it all. The hospital hasn't identified the worker who they say is responsible, but they're continuing with their "mistake" line. Said hospital CEO Brock Nelson:

All of us are accountable. There was no foul play involved here.

We have many good staff It's just a real tragedy ... we are just very, very sorry.

I bet he's sorry. But no foul play? Really?

One baby sent to the morgue and "accidentally" transferred to the laundry is bad enough. But two babies' bodies mishandled? A baby's remains missing?

That's not "just" an accident. That has to be labeled as more if only for the severity of the misdeed.

Two babies "misplaced" speaks to people seriously falling down on the job, either because they have a sick lack of respect for human life or because they just don't care.

And either way, it's unacceptable. Signing on to work in a hospital is different from taking most public sector jobs. You have to be aware that you are going to be dealing with life and death, with HUMAN life.

Regions Hospital says it's revamping its rules to ensure this doesn't happen again. They've added an improved identification process  plus a better tracking process. But if they really want to send a message that these babies are valued, that losing someone's baby's remains is more than a mistake, their next step should be firing that employee.

Does this still read like a tragic accident to you?


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Vegeta Vegeta

If its not a worker it could possibly be parents looking for a pay out. Some people are like that, you read about bad parents constantly, at least one of them probably has had a stillborn sometime. If they heard the hospital misplaced one kid, they could 'do it again'. Seems really strange that this same thing happened twice in like a week.

ollie... olliespunkma

 seems strange but i wouldnt put it past  Regions. i  live right down the road from this hospital and they seem to hire anyone also my daughter was born there thank god knothing crazy happened. Also about 4 years ago at Regions a worker was burned to death in a giant washing machine used to steralize hospital equiptment

notab... notabosley

Most hospitals have strict policy and procedures for the handling of deceased person's, including a stillborn baby. I suspect something heinous.

Meg Moore

i hope they arent selling the bodies.

nonmember avatar Nativechick84

How can you misplace remains, unless the first child was wrapped up in a sheet I don't understand how you don't see remains and put them in laundry. The second baby is missing? Do they not have the remains in some sort of labeled "body bag". I lost my baby cousin to SIDS when he was 6 months old about 15-16 years ago and when they moved his body from his home they put him in a body bag that resembled an old fashioned Doctors bag. I am getting a feeling these little angels were never placed in the morgue in the first place.

nonmember avatar K

Though this is horrible and could have been prevented, pease remember how small a19 week fetus is. Just a couple of inches, maybe less. A hospital should have methods for situations like these set up so the can treat the remains safely and not freaking lose them,

rccol... rccola1945

 Every thing I read, sounds fishy. When it starts to smell, maybe, the hospital, will find the real problem.blank stare

momof... momof35219

This is horrible! how can you not lose one but two babies! the parents must be freaking out. who does that takes dead baby bodies.. I would most def freak out

tuffy... tuffymama

I don't see why the stir thinks this is a big deal. Most of the "writers" are cool with late term abortions, and 24 weeks is NBD to them, so why the fuss from Jeanne Sager over a 19 week baby's little body being lost? Those babies aborted at that term are just incinerated like medical waste. Or worse; their bodies are sent to labs to be used to make beauty treatments and flavor enhancers for soda pop.

These poor parents. Like the nightmare of losing their baby wasn't enough??? Dear Lord!

Barbara Dehn Moore

@tuffymama-I support the right to choose, but I have had 4 early term miscarriages and have dealt with the pain of those miscarriages.  Your statement was one of the cruelest things I've ever read on here. I hope these parents can come to terms with the loss of their children and try again. I will be thinking of you.

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