Kids Living in Storage Locker Rescued After Mom Arrested for Another Crime (VIDEO)

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Two young children were found living in a storage locker in Ewing, New Jersey. The narrow shed was unheated and filthy. Their mother was reportedly arrested after slashing the tires of her ex-boyfriend's car, and told police that her two sons, ages 5 and 10, were still in the shed. I can tell you that this is probably the best thing that could have happened to them -- hopefully now they will be put in foster care and given a chance at a life. Storage sheds are not unheard of places for parents to try and bring up their children -- two years ago, six children were found living in a storage shed in Houston.

Obviously, a storage shed is no place to bring up kids. Although they might be climate controlled, they're still cold in winter; there's little room; no toilets or sinks or showers. So why would a woman do this?

Beyond being financially destitute, it's quite possible the woman is mentally ill. I know a woman who was also brought up in a storage shed with her siblings by her parents. The woman only managed to escape it when she became old enough to get a job and move out on her own. She taught herself to read and write. She is now amazingly a well-adjusted adult who makes a good living as a writer. And yet her story is so shocking, people often don't believe it.

The 27-year-old mother in this case has been arrested and the children are in care of social services. She apparently admitted that she and the children had been living in those conditions for at least a month. If she hadn't slashed her ex's tires, they would have probably lived there for a lot longer.

Granted, maybe this woman couldn't find a job. Maybe she was desperate. But if she's off slashing her ex's tires, then she's got her priorities all screwed up. Less time thinking about her ex and more time thinking about how to get herself and her children a home would have been in order.

I hope the kids aren't given back unless this woman really gets her stuff together -- and I have a feeling that isn't going to happen right away. Maybe not ever. No child deserves to grow up this way.

What do you think could make the mom do this?


Image via ABC 7

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nonmember avatar lisakphillips

Pretty resourceful, at least she didn't move them into a drug house or pimp them out. Too bad people are so hateful of poor people that many of them are afraid to ask for help when they legitimately need it.

Tara Robinson Downer

You will never understand desperation until you have walked in the shoes of a mother who has no where to take her children. Growing up we were dirt poor and we lived in cars, sheds, tents, and a tiny travel trailer because my mother had no other choice. People need to stop judging each other. This world would be so much better if people responded to tales such as this with love, comfort, and understanding instead of being judgement and hateful.

nonmember avatar Momoftwo

It's a shame that these children had to live this way. Obviously the woman was putting forth some effort to keep the children safe. They weren't on the streets. Like those above maybe she had nothing else or knew of any other way. She was wrong to be chasing after ex boyfriends, but who am I to judge. She could be very ill or not raised to know. Hopefully she get the help she needs, pays for her crime and learns from this. Hopefully the children grow up to know that their mother did what she could, but that there is a better way.

Jameela Washington

Maybe she slashed his tires to get his attention that he takes more care of is car than his child(ren)? We'll never know nor should we judge.

nonmember avatar Michelle

I also think that perhaps she had no where else to go. I have given my child up to a childrens shelter to keep her safe but that is not alwys an option because it is entirely dependent on the shelters space availability. Same for shelters of any type and especially in this economy. People say "oh go get a job" and its mostly people that already have jobs. They have no idea how hard it is to get hired anyway these days. Last time my husband was unemployed it took him 6 months to find work and that was trying just about every day. Its not easy and it does suck.

Lacey Tierney

There are a lot worse places to raise your children than in a shed. Perhaps she does have a mental issue or wasn't raised any better herself but shelter is sheler when you have no other options and maybe she did the best she knew how to.

I also thinkit's horrible that people automatically assume that the American foster system is any better than living in a shed. Not by much in a lot of cases..

mandy... mandysue88

Judgemental much! I agree no child should grow up like this but fact is even if she had a job, she prolly couldnt afford a place to live. Minimum wage does not cover living expenses. She atleast had a roof over thair head. Andm sure they were taken care of. Indoor plumbing was a no. Factor in this story I'm sure the storage place had a facility in the office the could use. Most peopl eat out now days and so no need for a kitchen you could pan handle and make 4.00 a day and feed ur family off the dollar menue. Ans schools prolly have the free lunch program. Most sheds have electricity run so they could ha e had space heaters. Get the whole story befor you judge this lady. Not everyone can afford the things we take for granted.

nonmember avatar Jacob

It is perfectly acceptable to judge her. This woman is responsible for the safety and well-being of two children. Everyone can agree that living in a storage unit is inappropriate for kids. At the least, this woman should have had a friend house her kids; she had to have at least one. It is my assumption that she allowed her pride to get in the way, jeopardizing the well-being of her children.

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