[UPDATED] Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect on the Loose After Deadly Police Shootout

Boston bombing suspectsParts of Boston were a war zone Thursday night after a robbery at a convenience store in Cambridge, Massachusetts led to a shootout on the MIT campus that killed one police officer and resulted in a carjacking and a chase into Watertown, Massachusetts. Reports say that the two men involved in these incidents are the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.

As it stands now, some are reporting that suspect number one (the man in the black hat) is dead and that suspect number two (the man in the white hat) is on the loose and considered very dangerous.

Residents were being asked to stay inside and "shelter in place." Boston police weren't releasing the names of the suspects, but information is coming quickly, though it's just breaking and often conflicting. What we do know at this time is that there is an MIT police officer dead and another police officer critically wounded. The second officer is currently in the hospital. Police are calling these men "terrorists."

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Here is what we know so far:

  • Driver of a black Mercedes SUV in Cambridge reported that he was carjacked around midnight by two men. The men let the driver out of the vehicle on Memorial Drive after about a half hour.
  • The suspects are considered "armed and extremely dangerous."
  • Boston Police released a second photo of the suspect taken during a robbery at a convenience store. See below:

Bombing suspect

The MBTA is suspending all service until further notice and people all over the areas of Watertown, Newton, Waltham, Belmont, Cambridge, and the Allston/Brighton neighborhoods of Boston are being asked to stay home. 

Clearly people are terrified. After living in Boston for 18 years, I can say I never saw anything like this in all my years there. The story is unfolding rapidly and information is said to be pouring in about the suspects, though the news is slow to release it as they want to confirm it all first. 

What we do know is that it has been a terrifying night in Boston. With one suspect still on the loose, it doesn't look like it will end any time soon. And, of course, let's also remember that these men are accused not only of the bombings, but also of killing a young MIT police officer in the line of duty, throwing explosives at police, carjacking, and wounding another officer critically. 

It's just beyond comprehension.

Are you surprised the suspects didn't leave town?


6:45 AM: The AP is reporting that the suspects are Russian, from Chechnya, and have been in the country at least one year.

6:52 AM: The AP is reporting Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is the suspect on the loose.

Images via Boston Police

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lobus lobus

Why didn't they kill the driver or the gas station clerk?...

posh777 posh777

The suspects look more like Arabs to me! And am not alone right?

kelti... kelticmom

posh777 because anyone suspected of being a terrorist with dark hair has to be an Arab, right? Really? Russian men, Turkish men, Greek men, Italian men, etc - all can have dark hair/skin

lobus lobus

Lol posh u think every Russian is blonde haired blue eyed?? Lol

bills... billsfan1104

I think that it is scary that the whole city of Boston is being forced on lockdown. I wonder if this will make gun sales go up?

kelti... kelticmom

I pray that these were just two psychotic brothers who acted on their own and not part of a larger terrorist ring and that they don't have ties to any Islamist organization.

pezch... pezcharlotte

They are Russian from Checynea area.  It is very scary here right now.

bills... billsfan1104

Abc news just interviewed a classmate of the subject. If Boston is on lockdown, why is he out?

Sharon Patenaude

Where is the death penelty for us now ? We need this for the terrorist who think thety can come here and do this to the innocent people in America , freedom comes at a very high price .May they both stand before God and let him find a reason for them to live in heaven with the others he killed .Their families never got to say good bye to them, and  who knew that a marthon could be so awful .This shouln't happen to us here .We should be free to live and not have to worry about this here .God will pervail on there lost and sorry souls .

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