Horrible Racial Slur on Customer's Receipt Prompts $1 Million Lawsuit (VIDEO)

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Hyun Lee
Hyun Lee
Is this really happening again? It appears we have yet another case in which some idiotic employee got his or her kicks printing something derogatory about a customer on their store receipt. This time it happened at CVS, and it may cost the company $1 million.

Hyun Lee of Egg Harbor, N.J., is suing the drugstore chain for that amount after she says a store employee printed a racial slur on her receipt. According to ABC, she says she was picking up her pictures from CVS when she saw that on her receipt she had been identified as "Ching Chong Lee." Beyond outrageous.

That's a pretty big lawsuit for what may have just been the actions of one ignorant, racist individual, but the way CVS handled the situation just made the whole thing worse. After Lee complained to CVS, she says the employee wasn't fired, rather the store told her via email that the employee would be "counseled and trained." That's it. Not only that -- she never even got an apology.

So this week Lee filed a lawsuit against CVS and the cashier, who is still supposedly working there. She's asking for $1 million for "injury, mental anguish, severe emotional distress, harm, and damages." I don't know about all that, but I do know that CVS and all of these other businesses in which similar incidents have occurred really need to step up and have policies and regulations in place that prevent employees from acting like this and fire them if they do.

From Papa John's identifying a customer as "lady chinky eyes" on a receipt to a waiter in California who dubbed a group of women "fat girls" on their receipt, we  see way too many of these kind of stories. It's not good business, and it's not okay.

So what does CVS have to say for itself? Michael DeAngelis, spokesperson for CVS told ABC:

CVS/pharmacy is committed to treating all of our customers with dignity and respect. While the allegations in the complaint are not in keeping with our values or our policies, we cannot comment on a matter involving pending litigation.

That sounds great, but then why are they still employing someone who so obviously didn't treat a customer with dignity or respect?

Do you think this lawsuit is justified?


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work4... work4mickey

A million dollars because someone wrote something mean, really. Geeze. There was no actual damage. If she's really that upset, organize a boycott, demonstration, or something. But suing for a ridiculous amount of money just makes her look greedy and like she's looking for a payday.

If some random idiot on the street calls you a name, it's not against the law, and you can't sue them for emotional distress.

Vegeta Vegeta


Coles... Coles_mom

I don't get people. Yeah, stupid, insensitive words and the employee should be dealt with, but a million dollars? Lady needs to get punched in the face. If I got a receipt back and it said "honkey", "cracker", "whitebread"...I'd start laughing my butt off...not sue the company. Emotional distress, my ass...

Kzint... KzintiFeline

Another idiot looking for a payday for nothing.  Seriously, has she never had something actually bad happen to her?  I have dealt with people who do much worse than what is being alleged here, and have not sued any of them!

Katy Khan

Wow. When life throes you lemons; sue.


nonmember avatar Mal

I don't think it's about the money, I'd sue for a huge amount too cuz it's important to teach these companies a lesson. If I don't get paid fine but this s needs to stop. It's getting a bit out of hand how much companies disrespect us yet people still patronage the place. This is more powerful than a boycott.

tessi... tessiekat

I agree with Mal. I don't think she is really looking for the money. The company (and many others) needs to step up and start caring more about their customers and the treatment of their customers. Having to shell out $1 million dollars (or the potential that they will have to) plus the news coverage of it, will be the wake up call they need.

Ember... Emberbaby

She deserves an apology not 1 million dollars.

nonmember avatar Kacie

I already won't be going back to CVS, after a pharmacy cashier started asking me inappropriate questions when I went to pick up my birth control prescription. Pretty sure the twenty year old guy asking me how my sex life was different was more traumatizing than a couple words written down (though I'm not sure if it was more traumatizing for me or for my baby brother's teacher standing behind me). The manager asked if I was sure I hadn't misunderstood the guy, since he couldn't imagine anyone asking such questions in his pharmacy. I never heard back.

nonmember avatar kaerae

An apology and for the employee to be fired is fair, not the money.

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