Disturbing Footage of Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Includes a Terrified Little Girl (VIDEO)

fertilizer plant explosionA fertilizer plant outside Waco, Texas exploded last night, killing at least five people and injuring hundreds more. The explosion could be felt for miles and many thought there had been an earthquake of some sort. Meanwhile, one man who stopped to film the burning building shot some footage I may never be able to get out of my head.

First he and what sounds like a little girl are filming, but then there is an after explosion of some kind and the little girl seems to be unable to hear and definitely sounds like she wants to get out of there fast.

Terrifying stuff, especially in light of the other news this week. Between the Boston Marathon attacks, the gun bill filibuster, and this, I have had about all I can take of children getting hurt because adults are careless or cruel or both. See below (WARNING: THE FOOTAGE IS DISTURBING):

As of now, it's unclear what caused the explosion or even how many people were killed in it. Sources are saying it's between five and 15. CNN reports the actual toll may climb as high as 60 or 70 when all is said and done.

The cause for the blast is yet unknown, but no one has said anything about bombs or terrorism, though in the wake of Boston, I am sure many minds will go there. Its location -- next to an apartment complex, a nursing home, and a middle school -- is especially disturbing.

When will this end? This week has just been one awful thing after another after another. It's supposed to be a lovely week in spring when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are starting to bloom.

Instead it's a week of nonstop tragedy and pain. I hope the poor little girl in this video is OK and that her dad (or whoever she is with) got her to safety. I also hope this explosion is an accident. It doesn't make it better or bring those people back to life, but at least there isn't an evil person out there who wanted it to happen. I don't think I can take any more of those.

My heart goes out to every single victim.

Do you think this was an accident?

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bluey... blueyesmjag

As with any disaster, natural or man-made, please keep in mind not all injuries are external. My hometown of Sterlington, LA also had fertilizer plant explosion, in 1991. I was at the elementary school, less than a quarter mile away, and watched the plant explode through a window. I was later diagnosed with PTSD.To this day, I don't like loud noises,and I get migraines constantly. I had no external injuries, but suffer everyday due to this event in my life.

Mothe... MotherGrace

The reason it exploded (Which you don't see in the film) is there were firemen trying to douse the flames. The water got to the ammonium (ammonia?) nitrate, and when you mix fertilizer, water, and fire, you have a bomb. This is the same thing that happened at the Oklahoma City bombing, but on a much larger scale.

MomOf... MomOf2AndAZoo

Omg my heart is racing after hearing that poor girl begging to get out of there!

Tina Kausek

Ok im not saying the dad will win an awards anytime soon, but I highly doubt he meant to put his daughter in any danger. I personally may have stopped ( with out my kids of course) never once thinking it may explode. He was a good distance from it.. Either or dad has some apologizing to do.

tatto... tattooedhippie

It honestly sounded like a little boy to me, but that doesnt matter. that nearly made me cry seeing that. holy cow. MotherGrace: i think it is "Ammonium". Its not every day you see footage of the actual explosion. how terrifying

nonmember avatar ashley

Michele Smiley is her mother. She posted on a forum earlier on facebook saying that her daughter Khloey is okay and can hear. Just incase any of you were curious.

Keegan Cochran

It started as a fire! I kive close to West where this happened. I would have stopped to video it also. He didn't know it was going to explode. It is NOT an act of terrorism! It wasn't a bomb either! Read the news story on kwtx.com.

tntmo... tntmom1027

@Ashley: Thanks! I was trying to find that out..

nonmember avatar sherry

@Ashley thank you for the update, thank God that child and family are ok. wow

Lyssa Marie

I feel so sad for the people that got hurt. I really think that more effort needs to be made to ensure safty at the plants and it should be made, common knowledge that fertilizer will exploid when caught on fire. People need to know that they should run away from there kinds of fires.

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