Boston On My Mind

I had written my blog post this week immediately after the tragedy that occurred in Boston. A few days later, I am glued to my TV, watching as a standoff surrounding the second suspect is being televised live. All I can think about is how long and harrowing this week has been for Boston and our entire country. My heart goes out to everyone involved, and I'm praying for the safety of our law enforcement and innocent bystanders.

My thoughts are in Boston. I know I'm far from alone in this. As a runner myself, the tragedy on Monday hit way too close to home. I, like everyone else, am left with many questions and also many things to be angry about following this latest senseless tragedy.

What happened near the finish line of the Boston Marathon earlier this week is truly horrifying for everyone -- for all Americans, for runners everywhere, and for those whose dreams were literally shattered. For those marathoners, that day should have stood out as one of the best days of their lives due to their extensive training, discipline, and determination. That dedication should have earned them, all of them, the chance to get to that finish line!

The Boston Marathon is THE race -- the one that sets runners apart from those who dabble in marathons like me. The runners I look up to because they have qualified to get there, which, to me, makes them the "real deal" as far as running goes! They are the ones who inspire me to lace up and pound the pavement on days I don't feel like it. They give me hope that, maybe, just maybe, I too can someday qualify to run Boston!

Each and every one of them deserved that hard earned finish line. Period. I've only run one full marathon, but I still remember the physical pain and emotional torture I went through to get to that glorious finish line; and by the time I crossed it, I had envisioned that finish line scores of times -- throughout training and especially during the race -- as a coping method to get there. The fact that the finish line was “stolen” from so many of these great runners due to this despicable act -- about 1,200 runners, according to reports -- and although I realize this issue pales greatly in comparison to the myriad of other issues that many have faced, I am positive these runners feel robbed of their finish ... it's like eating the cake and having the icing snatched away just before you get to sink your teeth into it. And, actually, that example doesn't even do that feeling justice, I am sure! 

I'm also saddened for the runners who DID finish. This was supposed to be their day to bask in their own accomplishment that their superhuman hard work afforded them. Post-marathon days are known as a day to eat (lots, anything you want!), relax, and relive your racing triumph over and over again.

I'm outraged for these skilled runners whose triumphant memories have been replaced by the sights and sounds of a bomb-riddled war zone. I cannot imagine their horror and that of their families as within minutes of reuniting, their jubilation turned to panic, fear, and the unknown! My thoughts go next to the crowds of encouraging bystanders who stand along the marathon course, selflessly and tirelessly cheering for each runner, whether they know them personally or not. Do you know what a difference those constant shouts and cheers of encouragement make to an extremely fatigued body who just wants to give up? With tears in my eyes as I write this, I struggle to explain the gratitude I have for each and every person who has ever lined a marathon course to cheer runners from the start line to the finish line!

I've been called by my bib number, slapped five as I passed, and have smiled, countless times, after reading the many creative homemade signs that these amazing people wave throughout the long course! Yep, I'm angry and saddened along with everyone else that some of these “important players” were injured or lost due to this unthinkable act. Furthermore, my thoughts wander to my next marathon run. My initial reaction left me feeling hesitant and fearful. And as if to confirm my own feelings, following the news, my oldest daughter announced to me, “You are never running another marathon” but I tried to reason through it with her, and we came to the same conclusion that we can't stop living due to fear. In fact, we all need to take back what is OURS and run even MORE marathons and crowd the sidelines of marathon courses to show that we WILL NOT allow fear to cripple our dreams, even though it's left a potentially crippling impact in various ways on each one of us.

Regardless of this determination to carry on, no one will argue that our innocence lost as a result of this marathon explosion is sickening -- and even infuriating. We will never again be able to run a marathon or cheer from the sidelines the same way again. It will haunt us all for always. But, once again, we need to stand our ground -- and run marathons on it!!

All this stress just makes me want to run harder and faster ... So, I'm going out to run ... and this run is for all who ran in or participated in Boston 2013, and for those who were injured or lost on that day -- as well as for all the heroes who rushed in to help them! Even more than before, you've inspired us, Boston ... and for that, we thank you! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!

How has the Boston tragedy affected you?


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Optim... Optimist34

You are truly IRRELEVANT!   You feel sorry for those that didn't get their times registered when you should be feeling sorry for those that were injured or killed.   Get your priorities straightened out.  Your kids would be better off without you as an example of a mother.

Jewel... Jewel_Diva

The only  negatives to this article are the haters who are determined to undermine anything Kate does. 

CAP1015 CAP1015


5 minutes ago

The only  negatives to this article are the haters who are determined to undermine anything Kate does. "

Really?  Did you read this?  Did you read how she state "the finish line was "stolen" from so many runners"  Having spoken with 18 of the 84 runners from my home state running in the Marathon and today being the anniversary day of the OKC bombing (my hometown so I understand how this could grip a city), not a one of those runners echoed Kate's sentiments, everyone of them, EVERYONE them said the race being "ruined" never crossed their mind.  They were greatful not to be hurt, they were saddened by the carnage, they felt for the injured, they wanted justice and didn't want this to ruin future events.  Not one of them said the things Kate said.  SHE IS SIMPLY SO CONSUMED WITH HER OWN SELFIMPORTANCE SHE CAN'T RELATE TO THE REAL WORLD.  Jewel I don't know you but if you can't see Kate for what she is, you probably don't think Charles Manson or Hitler were too bad of guys either.  Just think if you or I wrote a blog and everytime it was printed over 95% of the comments were consistent in there criticisms wouldn't you at least think about seeing why?  Not Kate, you just ignore it and call people haters.  Sometimes the majority gets it right. 

nonmember avatar Bali1228

You summed up so many of our feelings Kate. The way you wrote this came across as sincere and heartfelt, so sorry haters can't see that. Thanks from (outside)Boston!

Anne207 Anne207

I grew up in New England and the Boston Marathon represented the epitome of racing. Joan Benoit was a big name to me then and now in running, as well as being from Maine like myself. Boston is a part of the fabric that makes up New England. Running is a part of my everyday life. Next week I go on to race in my 3rd half marathon; it will the Nike Half Marathon in Washington DC. I will run strong and proud wearing blue and yellow for Boston. I have so many emotions running through me right now, but truly my heart lies with my fellow runners near and far. It is so hard to find the right words to express the disbelief and anger that I have for the events that have occured in Boston. As runners, as Americans, we must stand strong. I follow many wonderful runners through their blogs, twitter and Face Book. We will run strong.

nonmember avatar Shelly

This has infuriated me. The bombing had nothing to do with people running. The bombs were place to kill spectators. Kate could you please try and not make everything about YOU! Why not write about the family that lost a son , daughter lost a leg & mother horribly injured, that is the real story here. Not people running a marathon. You always lose sight of what is important. Three people were Killed and well over 150 human beings horribly injured, some fighting for their lives and you want to talk about how this tragedy affected the runners! How can you be so cold hearted? This will be all I will ever post here on The Stir I literally felt sick to my stomach reading Kates post!

nonmember avatar Jaymee

People we have enough HATRED to deal with- go do something POSITIVE with yourselves.

nonmember avatar Bali1228

Cap1015 that's a lie. I'm in the Boston area and there are many runners that do feel that way, in addition to being heartsick over the injuries and loss of life. You don't speak for everyone, and Kate has a right to express her own opinion. You can disagree all you want with her, but comparing her to Hitler and Charles Manson just proves how unstable you are. Now go take your meds and have a lie down....

M.j. Reynolds

I seriously doubt any of the participants at the Boston Marathon are the least bit concerned with their race results or celebrations being "stolen" from them.  It's clear that their thoughts immediately turned to concern for those injured, some runners finishing the marathon and then running two or more miles immediately afterward to donate blood.  But kudos to whoever cleans up/ghost writes Kate's blog for The Stir - whoever it is does a fairly decent job. 

nonmember avatar Go away

I am telling anyone and everyone I know what a joke this blog is. A fucking sad example for any real women or mothers out there. Really Stir?! U publish this blatantly self involved drivel?! These explosions didn't even affect the runners as much as the bystanders. Onlookers. Family and friends of the runners. And all this hack of a writer can talk about is the race?! Finishing it?! Insult to all of the ones involved in running the marathon!!!! Which was not you, kate!!!! Get a clue. These runners were not as concerned with finishing as you so stupidly are implying. Once again , what is your angle here Stir?! Get over the publicity pull you think is gonna bring more to your blog. Because its backfiring. You just lost a ton of respect and readers with hiring this sorry excuse for human being. What's for next week?! How I Tell My Eight I'm Suing their Father? Great tips waiting to be heard.

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