10-Year-Old Denied Food & Water by Police ... Because Her Dad’s a Criminal

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Child in HandcuffsNews has come out of China that a 10-year-old girl was recently hauled in by police and detained for 20 hours without food or water. Her crime? Being the daughter of a dissident. That's right, she was just a relative of a supposed criminal. She hadn't actually done anything wrong because she's just a little kid, but cops bullied her anyway!

Man, I feel lucky to be an American today.

Say what you will about our government, but there remains a respect for children in this country. Even kids who are actual suspects of crimes here are allowed to have their parents in the room when cops are interrogating them. They go through different procedures and different courts.

Zhang Anni, who was taken by four men she didn't know away from her school and kept from her family, got none of that. She was bullied for hours by adults trying to pump her for information about her dad, a writer who has been jailed frequently for standing up to the government. Apparently he was in the same building, but no one told her, and she wasn't allowed to go to him for comfort.

And remember, she did nothing wrong.

Little Zhang Anni's story is one so foreign to us because it comes from another country, but the laws of the various lands shouldn't even come into play here. That China is different from America, that their culture has different rules, shouldn't matter.

On a humanitarian level, going after kids is unacceptable. Going after families is unacceptable.

There's a reason even husbands and wives are protected against testifying against their partner by spousal privilege in America -- because the family unit is sacred. We, as human beings, deserve the right to that basic connection with the people we love.

It's not a legal right so much as a moral one, one that springs from the depths of our souls rather than anything governments have scrawled on paper.

And yet, it is happening, right now, in 2013, and it behooves us to say something, to do something. We are lucky to be Americans, and it's just because we're so lucky that we should be angry enough to force a change.

Do you think this crosses a line? Is it up to us to see that this doesn't keep happening to kids?


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miche... micheledo

China doesn't treat their criminals well. And many of their criminals are in trouble for simply speaking out against the government . They harass family members t otry and break the dissident. This is really old news that sadly rarely is noticed by many .

MrsHa... MrsHartman

Someone at the stir really needs to do their research, people should not be so ignorant and right away say they are proud to be an American, ugh, it sickens me that people do not get their facts straight before stating something. Oh yeah sure everywhere in America when kids are being interrogated they have their parents there, totally, yup yup, absolutely, you are so right about that one.

MrsHa... MrsHartman

the United States ranks second on the scale of what economists call "relative child poverty" -- yup I'm so proud to be an American

MrsHa... MrsHartman

The U.S. has more child maltreatment deaths than any other industrialized nation, ranking highest in both the total number of deaths and deaths on a per capita basis.

The U.S. is one of only two countries that have not ratified the United Nations treaty protecting children. The other is Somalia, which has no government.......shall I go on?!? So proud to be an AMERICAN though!!! We treat our children great!!

Katy Khan

Mrshartman, if you think American kids have it bad, you have obviously not travelled enough. They have it better overall than children in any ther society that as ever existed in human history.

Katy Khan

And I don't think you are American, you sound like a jilted foreigner whose immigration visa was denied.

MrsHa... MrsHartman

The writer of this article is stating she's proud to be an American simply by news she read about an incident in China, mind you one incident and she's generalizing over one article. I'm also going by facts and statistics in where children rank in America compared to other nations, when you travel to different counties you definitely see more children out on the street begging for money, you don't see that in America.

Ihave... Ihavethree626

China is a on the bottom of the human right issuse. America is far from perfect but Mrs Hartman you don't get out enough. Your mouth need so soap too!!!!


Pamelann Bramlettine

This is not even debatable.   That, for me is where America's sensibilities shine.   NO debate, we do not harm children!  And those that do, are commiting the most gravious of  crimes......      ....;)

Chrissy Mouser

I was bullied by county and city police my whole life because my relatives are criminals so say what you will but the US DOES in fact bully relatives of criminals. My husband is, by the law, a criminal. He was charged with something he did not do and coerced into admitting he did. You can say what you will about his case because you have no clue about it but I am constantly bullied by police for association. I can remember the first time I was bullied I was 6 years old. Just because it is unheard of for police to bully children here does not mean it does not happen. It does but it does not get media sensation because people like to protect their own. I agree what this girl went through makes me sick but it makes me sick that people turn a blind eye and say it does not happen here. The bottom line is police EVERYWHERE  are given entirely too much power. Anymore police do not serve and protect as much as interrogate and look for loop holes. I do not claim to be talking about every police officer, either. In fact, I can think of a handful I have come across in my life that treated me with dignity and respect as well as the criminal they were apprehending. It is saddening to me, though, I only can think of a handful.

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