Was This Army Captain Attacked for ... Being a Soldier?! (VIDEO)

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wal martAs if our soldiers didn't have to deal with enough danger, a U.S. Army captain was attacked in a Wal-Mart allegedly because of his military service. Standing in line at the Albany, New York store dressed in his fatigues, the serviceman was seemingly targeted by another shopper. The entire unbelievable scene was caught on camera. Take a look.

It reportedly began as verbal harassment, as the alleged assailant, who police identified as 47-year-old Yiqiang Wu, yelled obscenities about the United States and the military. But things quickly escalated to violence. Wu lunged, and, though the Army captain tried to back away, he kept on coming.

The soldier was treated for his injuries at the store. While Wu's motives have not been revealed, police said he will be charged with a hate crime. If guilty, he certainly needs to pay for this crime. That soldier has faced God knows what defending this country and our rights. He should not have to deal with being attacked at a Wal-Mart checkout line of all places. Not that he felt his life was actually in mortal danger. He's dealt with far worse situations, I'm sure.

But this man, who is willing to die for his country, deserves better than this. In my opinion, he should be honored. Of course, I know not everyone agrees with the war. But we should keep in mind that soldiers do not pick their battles. If you want to show your displeasure or anger, write your congressman or join a protest group. Don't blame or attack a vet. They are just doing their job.

Do you know of other instances of vets being mistreated because of their military service?

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LostS... LostSoul88

You you don't like our service men and women or this country GET THE FUCK OUT! 

Dakkota Cruz Moreno

That's why you don't wear Cammies out in public

Alison Brown-Kurzawinski

Soldiers should be able to wear there cammies anywhere the damn well please!!

Amanda Butler Armstrong

I agree that every individual is entitled to his/her own opinions. That does NOT mean that you can attack anybody who may not feel the same way you do. Our military defends these idiots' rights to free speech and say the ridiculous things they do and have the opinions they do and then people turn around and attack the very people that help protect them? Pretty ironic if you ask me. And I 150% agree that this officer should be awarded for this. If somebody is injured while deployed, they are awarded a Purple Heart. This man simply wanted to stop at Wal-Mart after work to pick up a few things and is attacked. Insane! Our country has some amazing soldiers!!!

Stephanie Franklin Tucker

Our soldiers should be able to wear their uniform in public without worrying if they will be attacked or not.

Angelique Wareham- Pitts

A soldier should be able to wear his uniform with pride among his fellow Americans without being worried about  this kind of crap happening to him. I am the widow of a Vietnam Vet,  and the mom of an active duty soldier,  I will say, that compared to the abuse his dad got after Nam, my son has been treated very well, by the majority of people we encounter  when he is home on leave. I am disgusted it happened in my state's capitol. I do know, if that happened in our local Wal-Mart that guy would have been slam dunked by any people around. I give great credit to this soldier, for not beating the snot out of this guy, with the training they get it would have been serious, he showed great restraint.

Rachel Benson

i do not see the point of being in any country that you hate when you have the freedom to leave that particular place

Billy Dormer

just like what was posted up above they should be able to wear there cammies where ever they go .....more people should thank the men and women for there services like the saying goes.....if you can't stand behind the military feel free to stand in front of the

nonmember avatar EH

Soldiers are busy individuals.....they also lead lives outside of their service to our country. They cannot go home and change every time they need to run to the store. C'mon ppl !!!! They reserve your right to post idiotic comments.

Liz Cooksey

Let him try that crap where I used to live. There are 2 Walmarts very close to Ft. Hood. That guy would've been laid out...and not just by men. The wives out here would have knocked his damn head off. Don't like the soldiers? Get out of America.

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