Soldier's Homecoming Shocks Grandpa -- Wait 'til You See His Adorable Reaction (VIDEO)

military homecoming"Funny" isn't typically a word you'd use to describe a military homecoming video. They're always sweet, touching, and they'll often make you cry, but funny? Not so much. However, there are exceptions to every rule.

Check out this oddly funny video of a soldier surprising his grandfather while he's home from deployment. Of course it's still sweet and touching, but it'll crack you up, too. (Warning: Language!)

Perhaps it's because hearing the "s" word from a grandpa always makes us giggle a bit, but mainly it's because of this man's sweet, kind of gruff reaction. Clearly, this grandpa couldn't be more proud of his grandson -- and you can tell exactly the kind of relationship these two have from this small clip. This is, in a word, awesome. In two words, awesome and funny. Okay, let's just get the trifecta here: This is awesome, funny, and heart-warming. Love.

What do you think of Grandpa's sweet and funny reaction? Has your loved one ever surprised you?


Image via Dylan Hastert/YouTube



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LostS... LostSoul88

aww how sweet! 

ruby_... ruby_jewel_04

haha! Totally reminds me of my grandpa!

Jai Hutto

OMG, these always make me cry! Happy it's ok.

Jon Whiskey

Really? "Warning: Language"? America needs to stop being such waffle eating pussies. This is a great video!

Candace Jennings

"Awwww SHIT!" What an awesome clip :)

nonmember avatar Beth

This is awesome... I love watching these videos where military people surprise their loved ones. My husband surprised me when he got back from a year long deployment to GITMO. We are Civil War re-enactors and I was sittin around the campfire with other re-enactors, chatting about him. I felt arms wrap around me from behind and a whisper in my ear about how much he had missed me. I started yelling and crying and everyone around us stood up and started cheering and clapping. Needless to say that weekend everyone was pointing to us and smiling, shaking his hand, etc.

JayJa... JayJayR11

I cannot get sound for some odd reason....everything is turned sound

Debbie E. Connett

Just LOVE and AMAZING!!!!!!! GOD LOVE HIM......what a great share thank you.....

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