Plane Crashes Into the Ocean With Over 100 Passengers on Board


lion airIn a scene that's reminiscent of something out of a movie, a plane crashed into the ocean in Bali, Indonesia after overshooting the runway upon landing.

The Lion Air jet was carrying over 100 passengers and crew, and you can only imagine their state of terror as the plane made its approach into Denpasar airport and proceeded to fall into the water from a height of 50 meters.

A photo of the plane shows it lying in the sea with a crack in its body along with life jackets floating about in the water.

Miraculously, everyone on board survived the crash, though 22 people were reportedly taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries.

The cause of the crash is still unknown, and is under investigation.

A passenger named Dewi gave a first-hand account of the horrific ordeal and told The Associated Press, "The aircraft was in landing position when suddenly I saw it getting closer to the sea, and finally it hit the water. All of the passengers were screaming in panic in fear they would drown. I left behind my belongings and went to an emergency door. I got out of the plane and swam before rescuers jumped in to help me."

OMG. Can you even begin to imagine how scared those people must have been? It's hard not to get a little bit panicky flying over bodies of water, but you never actually think something like this is going to happen.

Of course, hearing about the Bali crash brings back images of the USAirways plane that landed in the Hudson River back in 2009. Most of us will never forget seeing the pictures of the passengers standing on the wings, or how relieved we were to hear that everyone had survived.

And thankfully, the family members of the passengers and crew on board the Lion Air flight can rest easy tonight knowing their loved ones are safe.

Do incidents like this make you nervous to fly over water?


Image via Simon_sees/Flickr

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posh777 posh777

Thank God everyone survived! I can only imagine how terribly scared the passengers had been, am happy they all survived.

mlg1989 mlg1989

I am nervous to fly anyway. No thanks.

jkm89 jkm89

Ugh, those poor passengers. I would be hysterical.

ashbe... ashbert13

Yes they do make me nervous.  Articles like this don't make it much better--spreading hysteria!

Courtnut Courtnut

I watched Air Emergency for hours the night before my honeymoon, knowing I had to go on 4 planes to and from Cancun

train... trainlady

The stories I read said that it approached the landing strip and set down and slid into the ocean. Then with the stress of skidding off the end of the runway and into the water the plane split in half. The picture in the news showed the plane in the water and a big split in the plane and it separating. The water was not high because they just skidded into it on the edge. But the fear in the passengers is something that will haunt them forever. No, I would not be afraid to drop into the ocean but I'd be scared too death of slamming into a mountain or a city full of tall buildings. At least slidding into the ocean or even dropping into it I would have a better chance of survival. I just hope all the the people are alright. Just because they all got out does not mean some are not hurt seriously.

nonmember avatar noodle

I used to fly back and forth from San Francisco to Shanghai. Both airports are really close to the water. Whenever I hear about a plane crash, I just remember how many other planes safely took off, flew, and landed when that one crash happened.

nonmember avatar jen

Did you really use "omg" as an entire sentence in a professional article? Please try and write like a journalist and not a 12 year old girl.

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