Jodi Arias Is Reportedly Tweeting Now & She's Saying Some Crazy Stuff (VIDEO)

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Is Jodi Arias tweeting? In February, a Twitter account under the name @jodiannarias popped up and someone claiming to be the notorious "boyfriend killer" began spouting off on subjects ranging from the prosecutor's "little man" syndrome to Nancy Grace to her sexual orientation. Is it really her? Reportedly, it is, though the tweets aren't written by Jodi, but by a friend, which means the authorities can't stop it. I can understand being stuck in jail and wanting to communicate with the world -- but seriously?! How many people have had their lives destroyed by one errant tweet and this girl is tweeting while a jury tries to decide if she should get the death penalty? Jodi Crazias.

The Twitter account is apparently maintained by a friend of Jodi's who speaks with her every night. They discuss what Jodi might like to communicate via Twitter. Friend Donavan Bering told Fox affiliate KSAZ:

She’ll call and say, 'Hey, you know, I have a quote,' and we’ll talk about it. And she'll say, 'Let’s tweet.'

Jodi (or at least her friend) has so far called HLN an acronym for "Haters Love Negativity," and told Nancy Grace when the commenter speculated whether Jodi had flipped the bird in court:

Actually, Nancy, that finger was for you. Have a nice day.

And lesbians look out because Jodi has no idea why she's still hetero. She (through her friend, I guess) tweeted:

No, I do not have a girlfriend. After everything I've been through it's amazing I'm not gay.

She also saved some choice words for prosecutor Juan Martinez, writing:

Those afflicted with Little Man’s Syndrome taint society’s perception of genuinely good men who happen to be vertically challenged.

Ohhh, snap! But Jodi should probably taken her own tweeted advice when she wrote:

Let us keep our mouths shut and our pens dry until we know the facts.

How about keeping our mouths shut and our fingers off the keyboard?

Do you think Jodi should be tweeting?


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cpyrrha cpyrrha

What a whackadoo!  I don't think it really matters much at this point.  Her fate is already mapped out.

Sue Miller

I can't believe this witch is allowed to have someone tweet messages in her behalf. I feel for his family.

nonmember avatar Ann

Let Jodi tweet 10 seconds before they stick the needle in her arm to execute her. I wonder who will meet her on the other side?

Jeff Asch

I really don't see how her iq could be anywhere in the vicinity of Einstein's since she still is under the impression that you can be "turned gay".

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