Woman Wins $40M Not $40K -- Wait 'til You See Her Reaction (VIDEO)

maria carreiroA 51-year-old grandmother from Toronto was shocked when she found out that she actually won $40 million, not $40,000, in the lottery. "When I went to the machine, I just see 40 because I'd never won this amount of money," Maria Carreiro told reporters. "I told [the clerk] can you check this for me please? He checks it. He doesn't even know himself and he's the store owner. I said, 'Never mind, I'll go home.'" But when she went home and told her daughter about her win, her daughter checked her numbers online just to be sure -- and lo and behold, they were $39,960,000 richer than they thought they were. (Just did that in my head -- jealous?)

Carreiro ran to the store one more time just to verify that the insanity was true, and once it was, she phoned up her husband and he immediately quit his two jobs. Just kidding. He gave his boss one day's notice.

So. What's Maria going to do what all that money that's not taxed because Canada doesn't tax lotto winnings?! She's going to buy a big house, distribute the money among her five grandchildren, and take a much-deserved, 30-year-late honeymoon with her husband to Hawaii. Sounds good.

Now, while $40,000 is quite a lot of money, it isn't life-changing. But Maria seems like the kind of lady who would have been just as excited to win the former amount as she was to win the latter. All right, maybe not quite as excited, but what I'm trying to say here is -- the lady seems cool. Don't believe me? Check out what could be the best lottery win dance ever:

What would you do with $40,000,000?

Image via NewHotSpot/YouTube



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Irela... Ireland69

Good for her!

juneb... junebaby11

Clearly you've never bern poor 40 m is life changing as long as you arent stupid with it.

truth... truthrowan

"$40,000 isn't life changng" ?? Um, what planet do you live on. Or rather, what region of the country? 40K where I live will buy a nice foreclosed home in a working class neighborhood OUTRIGHT, or be a huge downpayment on a really Really nice home. Forget 40Million, with 40K I could Buy the foreclosed duplex down the road out right, move in ether my brother and sister in law or my best friend, put in some upgrades on said duplex, pay off all of our current debt, and have a few thousand left to have fun with. It all depends on where you live and what your ability to manage money is. Now if I won 40Million, I'd really go all out. 

Rebecca Marie Adcox

Truthrowan! I hear you. $40,000 can be life changing for sure. I mean, $40M would be spectacular, but I could really make a huge difference with $40K, following a similar path that you suggest. Paying off debt (all I have is a car and student loans) would be my priority, meaning my income would be freed up for savings other "luxuries" that I'm not quite ready for yet. Now, excuse me while I go fantasize about winning a bunch of money...

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