Brave Mom Dies Fighting Carjacker Who Sexually Assaulted Her 10-Year-Old

mom carjackedA mother who died fighting the man who had just raped her 10-year-old daughter may see justice for the horrific crime. Davis Renz is accused of kidnapping the mother and daughter after they left a gym class, tying them up, raping the daughter while her mother watched, and then stabbing the mother to death.

There are some stories that just chill you to the bone and remind you that there really are sick, sick, horribly twisted people in this world. This story is like that.

Renz escaped the electronic monitoring system that he had been on after his arrest in January on federal child pornography charges and headed out to victimize a child in the same way prosecutors say he had seen in a child porn video. It's a parent's worst nightmare. We all wonder what we might be like in a horrible moment. Would we be brave? Would we put our child before ourselves? This mom was and did.

In fact, prosecutors say the reason the girl was able to escape was that her mother fought with him as he allegedly stabbed her in the head and neck and screamed for her daughter to run. The daughter made it to a passing motorist who took her to help.

As parents, we have these kinds of nightmares deep in the back of our heads, late at night. We imagine fighting off any person who would threaten or want to hurt our children. Even a schoolyard bully is enough to make us want to throw a few punches.

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But something like this? How would we respond? Would we fight to the death for our kids? My guess is that for everything about this crime that is tragic -- this child will now grow up without her mother -- the mother would have preferred this ending to the alternative. They both could have been dead or, god forbid, just the child could have been killed.

I don't think there is a parent out there who would choose to outlive their child. This mother showed her daughter the ultimate love and sacrifice, and while I am sure she will grow up heartbroken, maybe she can take some comfort in this. She had a mom who loved her that much.

As for the man accused of this crime, I hope if he is found guilty, he never sees the light of day again. There are no words for a person capable of something like this.

Do you think you would be this brave? Can you imagine the horror of this story?


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Pinkmani Pinkmani

Oh, jeez! Usually, I can read through these news stories without any issues, but that was really hard to read. 

Babyg... Babygirlsmom112

This  is tragic, But why didn't she just pull off!, I don't care if you wave a gun at me, I would NEVER stop my car for a gun waving crazied person.

MammaSam MammaSam

She may not have had a choice. The first instinct would be like hell for just about anyone. Maybe she was stuck in traffic or something. It's hard to imagine anyone who wouldn't fight to the death to save their child, I know damn well I would.

kaitl... kaitlin758

To say "why didn't she just pull off, I would have" is very unfair you don't know what the circumstances were. I think it's very easy to say "If that were me i would have done this" but until your in that situation you can't do that or judge the person that was in any type of way. Think  of this what if she had tried driving off and he shot the mom killed her and he took the little girl and she was never seen again?

candy... candyw210

omg that poor child and woman. This article just broke my heart! Who knows how he kidnapped them. He could have been watching them and waited by their car and then when they were in got in himself. It didn't say so no one should judge the mother on how he kidnapped them and asking questions as to why she didn't run. No one knows what they will do in a situation like that until it happens and unfortunately  it happened to them. I hope her daughter can see how brave her mom was. My thoughts and prayers are with this family

ninag... ninag1980

She had a mom who loved her that much.

That says it all.

Carme... Carmen8706

If they had kept him jail where he belonged this wouldn't have happened. They deny bail for horrifying crimes all the time. I'd say a sex crime qualifies.

adrie... adrien_80

May he be butt raped in prison daily by men much bigger and tougher than him.

Angie... AngieHayes

Hope he gets it in jail.

reche... reche1978

im crying reading this.....What that poor baby had to go through

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