Wife Killed Over HIV Scare by Husband Who Slept With Prostitutes

Eugene Maraventano
Eugene Maraventano
Talk about twisted thinking. Eugene Maraventano, a 64-year-old Arizona man, was charged today with stabbing his wife and 27-year-old son to death in their home. As horrifying as that is, his explanation may be even more so. 

According to ABC, he told police that he had spent time with prostitutes and was afraid that he'd contracted HIV or another disease. His wife Janet had been sick and he feared she'd test positive for cancer or something he'd passed on to her. So instead of taking her to the doctor to see if it was something treatable, he grabbed a kitchen knife and bludgeoned her to death in her sleep.

And get this, he told police he'd been thinking about buying a gun, but said, "I'm not a violent person."

Instead of committing suicide after he killed his wife, he decided to kill his son Bryan too because "He plays video games all day and doesn't have a job or girlfriend." He deduced from that behavior that his son must be handicapped and probably wouldn't be able to take care of himself without his parents. So he stabbed him to death too.

Police say after the stabbings Maraventano didn't even call 911 for several days. He made some unsuccessful suicide attempts in the meantime, but what else he did is unknown. He probably spent a lot of time thinking about what story he was going to tell. He finally called police on April 6, and he now faces two counts of first degree murder.

It's just such a sick and twisted story and my immediate reaction is that he must be mentally ill. How could anyone who's not do something like that? But it also sounds incredibly premeditated and well thought out, so I don't know. Maybe some people are just evil enough to do this in their right mind, and selfish enough to convince themselves they're doing the right thing.

Do you think this man is mentally ill, or just a cold-blooded killer?


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Amanda Platt


nonmember avatar Britt

Quite a bit of knife violence lately we should probably go ahead and get some stricter laws for those babies.

RobJar RobJar

I wonder if he had any kind of criminal background.

rende... render_k24

He must be mentally ill, how could someone who isn't do such a thing?


Bitch please. It's people like you who give the mentally ill a bad name. Do you realize that people with depression, bipolar disorder, etc. fall under the "mentally ill" category? So now thanks to you there are hundreds if not thousands of people who read this shit who now think someone in that category will one day "freak out" and kill everyone they know. Shame on you and this site. This site is nothing but a bunch of grown bullies peering into everyone elses lives making assumptions and ridiculing others. So author of this shitty article.....why not report on YOUR shitty parenting and mistakes you make? I am  not in any way sticking up for this piece of shit who killed his wife and son, but sticking up for the "mentally ill" everywhere.

Judith K Littles

This is a very sad story, for the deceassed woman and her son. 

I do take issue with sloppy reporting of the story here at the Stir. It seems no one reads their own stories and no one is editing here anymore. The woman was not " bludgeoned her to death in her sleep" as Ryans reports here. She was stabbed to death, as one would expect would be the cause of death when a knife was involved. Someone needs to do some editing of these stories, please.

hexxuss hexxuss

Not just a cold-blooded killer, but a very selfish human too.  Want out of the marriage? Divorce her. People are sick? Go to a friggin' doctor... Kid is lazy? Kick him out & demand he get a job!  All that reeked of was excuses to cover up his selfishness.

Vegeta Vegeta

So he slept with prostitutes and his wife was punished for it.. yep. I hear prostitutes are the number one carrier of contagious cancer. His son sounds like he had quite the intellectual role model. It's probably the dads fault the son had no motivation to get a job.

2nthe... 2nthensome

Maybe he had syphillis?  Other than that, I have no words...

render_k24 - Preach!  COuldn't have said it better myself!

Britt - I sincerely  hope you are being fecetious, but on this site, it's incredibly questionable...

Connie Roberts

Sounds mentally ill, but still a cold-blooded killer! The thing is that even if he was mentally ill it SHOULDN'T make a difference in the sentence.......tired of people getting a slap on the wrist because they are mental.


Rachel Smith

i dont think he is mental i think is extremely stupid.

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