Soldier’s Homecoming Gives Brother With Autism the Joyful Surprise of His Life (VIDEO)

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david's homecomingAll David wanted for his birthday was to see his brother, a soldier in the U.S. Army. David, an adult with autism, had not seen his brother since December 2011. He knew it was "impossible," but when he was asked what his birthday wish was, that's what he wished for. Well, I think you can guess what happened -- David's brother made a surprise visit.

But it's even better than that. You have to see exactly how David's brother surprised him. It's magical -- and the joy on David's face when he sees his brother is priceless.

I love it -- he pops out of a box! And David is just deliriously happy. (I was actually worried for a moment that he might not recover.) What I love about this video is how palpable the love is between these brothers. This is someone David was longing to see, someone he had a strong attachment to. You can just see it in his face and in his brother's.

I think this video shatters some of the myths and stereotypes of people with autism -- that they're devoid of emotion, that they can't connect with people. Clearly David has a deep relationship with his brother. He shows emotion, and he sees the emotions in his brother and sister-in-law's faces. 

And that brotherly bond is a beautiful thing. It looks like David's gotten just as much love from his brother as he's given. This video is so sweet, you may have to watch it a couple of times.

Is there anyone you'd wish to see on your birthday, even if it's impossible?


Image via Amber Cutrone/YouTube

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EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

I love seeing homecoming videos like this, when people are os completely overjoyed!!

LostS... LostSoul88

videos like this make me want to cry.

4ever-SJ 4ever-SJ

for once, something on the stir i can stand.

Tamara Aguilar

aawww that was so cute made me tear up

Habib... Habibti812

That is awesome!

Britanny Winnie Balthaser

Yes he May suffer from Autism, But who can tell, when he is so excited to see his brother. Its difficult when people have to point out someone is Autistic like its the plague. They are people too, and they have feelings and thoughts just like anyone else. They may not neccasarily know how to express it but I'm pretty sure here is one person who can. And it should just be abotu him being excited to see his brother not that he is autistic.

Lisa S. Gains

this is the sweetest loving video i have seen. I am also a parent of a Autistic child ( a Adult) they can & will be seen & heard!. this is just Beautiful...congrat's to the solider that was able to come home. and, for this sweet Boy. Enjoy! much Love, Lisa

Evelyn Braman

this was a heartwarmer.. so much isn't known about autism, some is.. true joy though finds a way of being seen, right?? Bless him and his family... who obviously adore him..<3

CPN322 CPN322

That was awesome :) I am fortunate enough to work with my family, including my autistic little sister and I just had to go hug her after watching this. She gives me hugs most every day :) but I've been in a bad mood today and hadn't gotten one from her yet. Videos like this remind you to cherish the ones you love always. I'm so happy for David that he got to see his brother! What a wonderful family full of love.

Laura Woods

That made me cry!!!! So sweet:)

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