Teen 'Smitten' With Army Recruiter Killed in Shocking Murder-Suicide (VIDEO)

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michelle miller A promising 17-year-old young woman from Rockville, Maryland who had her whole life ahead of her is dead today, after an apparent murder-suicide, and the details are downright chilling ... Michelle Miller's father says his daughter -- who enlisted in the Army Reserves to help pay for college -- was "smitten" by 31-year-old Staff Sgt. Adam Arndt, the sergeant who had recruited her.

Kevin Miller reports that his daughter rushed to the officer's side because she feared he was suicidal. Michelle Miller reportedly left her home at around 9:15 p.m. on Sunday night after receiving a text message from someone in her reservist platoon about Staff Sgt. Adam Arndt. She told her family that she had to help a friend, and when her father asked her to send the exact address, he only received one vague message from her. In fact, he says, "She wouldn't answer the phone, texts, nothing." She had totally "dropped off the radar."

It wasn't until later that Kevin Miller concluded, "She went to help him and he shot her for it." Police agree as well that Arndt must have killed them both at his home. What ... a ... nightmare.

At least judging from the details the victim's father and the police have come out with, Michelle and Arndt were way too close for comfort. When asked what he knew about his daughter's relationship with Arndt, Kevin Miller said:

I'm somewhat in the dark about that. Something quite likely was going on there. When she first was going to the meetings and whatnot she met him and she took pictures of him and some of the other people there. You could see she was kind of smitten with him and it's really hard to say on what level. She was really impressed by him.

Obviously, it's hard to conclusively say exactly what the relationship between them was. Perhaps the teen had a crush on the sergeant. Or maybe they actually crossed an inappropriate line, which led to this tragedy occurring. Either way, there was something wrong going on between the two. They were clearly too close for comfort.

Michelle Miller was a talented athlete who was academically talented, as well. She took multiple honors classes and was also taking classes at a college. She was one credit short of graduation, was tutoring other army recruits, and had been accepted to Arizona State University. It's beyond heart-wrenching that this was her fate. I'm not sure if there's anything that could comfort her family now, but with hope, the murder-suicide investigation can at least offer some answers to the unnerving questions this horrific incident has left hanging.

For more details, check out this news report on the tragedy ...


What do you think could have happened here?


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mem82 mem82

That's so sad.

tuffy... tuffymama

Such a waste, and so sad. That poor girl! Her poor family!

Angelique Wareham- Pitts

My son enlisted in the Army at 17 and was in the future soldiers program since he was 15. The four recruiters that worked with the group were all sgts. one an E8.  Age range from mid twenties to 45. Its a temporary posting. These men are trained soldiers and exude power, confidence, and even to a happily married mom of two young men at age 54 at the time, I found them attractive. They are in top physical condition and have engaging personalities, they are also amazingly good at talking to people. All these are great qualities for a good recruiter, and exactly the kind of thing I could see being extremely attractive and appealing to a young, young woman. While she was obviously hugely talented, she was still just 17 and emotionally less mature than a 31  yr old charismatic man. It was his responsibility, one taken very seriously by the Army not to cross that line or even go near it. But look at the suicide rate among soldiers and ptsd. I bet he was deployed to combat more than once. They seem so put together, but inside is a well of anguish. It is so sad, I feel terrible for her family, but it sadly doesnt surprise me.

nonmember avatar Lydia

Surprise another story about men killing children, when will the rest of women accept the TRUTH about men?

nonmember avatar Lydia

Surprise another story about men killing children, when will the rest of women accept the TRUTH about men?

nonmember avatar Katie

This is very sad. This young girl looks like she had so much potential to do wonderful things in life. It is a shame that the Armed forces do not have stricter rules for the recruiters or maybe have older more experienced do the job. I know they want the appeal of a young, handsome recruiter to bring people in, but at what cost. When my sister was interested in the Navy, she actually saw 2 different recruiters that were young men. They both hit on her, asked her out to dinner, etc. it made her very uncomfortable. They were focus on flirting with her and not getting/giving her the proper info she needed. A year later she decided to enlist, she worked with a female recruiter who was so helpful and caring and still is to me and my family while my sister is in bootcamp. Maybe the better option is to try to have male with male and female with female.

candy... candyw210

UMM Lydia are you a moron.! It's not just men killing children, as a matter of fact if you did your homework and looked at statistics women are more likely to kill children; especially their own then men are. You must hate men or had a man hurt you for you to post comments like these. I think you should get some psychological help and maybe that will help with your hatred towards men. You make posts like this on many blogs, i think you need some professional help for your anger. Not all Men are not all like this Lydia and neither are all women, it's just some lose screws in society that take things to that level unfortunately.

nonmember avatar hugsandkisses

Lydia are you kidding? We can pull up stories for days with women killing children as well. Your hatred of men is an opinion (a poor one) and far from the truth

nonmember avatar Anna

I have to admit recruiters need to have stricter guidelines. I was alike this girl, smitten with guys in the recruiting office- some of her married. During my time there one of the girls I was with got pregnant by a recruiter. Although I had backed out of going, I also got pregnant by a recruiter, different branch than the one i was supposed to be in. I was an awful teenager, 18 and 19, I hung at at the station all the time. Conclusion is parents of minors need to be involved and also boundaries need to be set and not crossed- like no taking a Dep to your house or anywhere personal, always having a male and female recruiter in an office, parents esp of minors always being aware of what is going on, etc

nonmember avatar Michelle

I know this is trivial in comparison to the topic of the article but as constructive criticism to the author: Please note that a Staff SGT is not an "Officer" as named in the second paragraph.

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