Naked Man Bites Toddler but It Could've Been Way Worse Without Bystanders' Intervention

naked man bites toddlerThere's good news and there's bad news. The bad news is that a naked 24-year-old man was seen wandering down a South Carolina highway carrying a naked baby -- Anthony Michael Hedger was spotted weaving in and out of traffic holding his nude 13-month-old son. It's reported he also bit the toddler when cops tried to take the child out of his hands. Not good. Not good at all.

But there is some good news.

Before the cops showed up, the irrational man was found along a treeline near the highway and started to retreat into the forest, scratching himself and his son in the process, but quick-thinking and concerned citizens detained him until the police arrived.

When the authorities finally got their hands on Hedger, that's when he bit the boy so hard, redness and bruising were readily visible. After wrangling the child away from his father, the toddler was transferred to the hospital and the father was taken downtown. He's currently being held with a $10,000 bond. The child was released from the hospital and is now with his mother.

Not much is known about this naked dad's mental state, but suffice it to say, whether it was a psychotic break based on a mental illness or drug use, something was not right. His behavior was erratic -- walking naked with your naked toddler on a highway is not sane conduct -- and hopefully he gets the help he needs to regain some perspective.

I wonder, though, what would've happened if those bystanders hadn't surrounded Hedger and detained him? Who knows what that man was capable of, and who knows what could've happened to him and that baby.

These people (and the cops who tore the baby away from his naked, biting dad) deserve a medal, or at least a pat on the back and a cold beer. They did the right thing, and prevented a lot more potential danger. Kudos, South Carolinian highway people!



Photo via Greenville County Detention Center

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lalab... lalaboosh

Wtf? Also, a random toddler wandered into my house this morning. What's next?!

Saraden White

This is terrible. I'm so glad the kid is now safe and away from him.
And to lalaboosh, a random toddler walked into your house? Wow. Did you find the parents? Who knows what could have happened to that baby if they walked into the wrong house? Where were his/her  parents?

Myemp... Myemptynest

Well thank God they stepped in! So many people dont want to get in someone elses business - Yes Kudos to them!

Sierra Kay Weinshrott

This man has to be insane to be naked. Wow, carrying a naked toddler to?? I bet that baby was just freezing. I hope this man gets some kind of mental observation.

Panda... PandaPop83

Two words... Bath salts...or... zombie apocolypse. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but you explain the logic behind these cannibalistic behaviors.

Ann Premo

Yup, Psychotic break! Whether it be from drug abuse or organic, he needs some serious help, preferably long term. As far the wandering toddler, the authrities would be involved in aheartbeat if it were me.

Samantha Fouts

lalaboosh really? That is crazy! Did you find the toddler's home?

Kasey Martin

glad the baby is safe with his mother


Mary Dell Grube

When are they going to open up the sanatoriums again. I never understood sending all the poor people out to the streets who needed to be in sanatoriums. Where did the government think they were going to go.

Holly Elkins

it don't matter if the father was sick in the head or on drugs he don't need to do that to his baby. i don't understand why people have children if all the do is hurt them, there is alot of people that would love to have children and love them and take care of them. and there are people that has children and do take care of them but just because they hit hard time the cops get called on them cause some one lied on them and thier children are taking away from them.


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