Real 6-Inch Alien Dissected in New Must-See Documentary Trailer (VIDEO)


six inch alienGet out the tinfoil hats and your most capable, take-me-to-your-leader outfit because, guys, the Sirius movie trailer just came out and it's promising to prove that aliens really do exist. Steven Greer, the man behind the documentary, is a former emergency medical physician who wanted less to do with the E.R. and more to do with the E.T. In the movie, which comes out April 22, we'll see a "real-life", six-inch alien humanoid type-thing undergo DNA testing in a lab.

If ever you wanted to jump on the extraterrestrial bandwagon (or the general bandwagon that our planet's dependence on oil and gas is the root of all evil ... you'll see what I mean in the promo), now's the time. Just look at this guy!


Greer says that this "is the greatest story never told", and if aliens are just as real as the alleged government conspiracy that has kept them under wraps for decades, then, wow, are we in for a real shock.

If it's not real, and it's all a hoax, well, then I feel badly for those who contributed to the funding of this documentary, which is revealed in the trailer to be the "highest documentary crowdfund raise in history."

One thing's for sure, though: Sirius looks like a lot of fun. Whether or not we can take Sirius seriously is, however, yet to be determined.

Take a look at the trailer and sound off: Do you think this is real or fake?


Photo via Sirius the Movie/YouTube

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BeccaLS BeccaLS

Well the body is real (I think). I've read about it before, but people said it was a monkey or something.

Angie... AngieHayes

Well I believe in aliens and that our technology seems to be more futuristic then what it should be... is the movie real, don't know about that. I do know that people should stop eating animals though.

nonmember avatar Jared

Give it a shot everyone! Why not. It's certainly possible that Big Energy would have governments in their pockets and when you realize the connection between ET/UFO suppression and Big Oil, it makes sense. It's a big place out there for just us! Good Luck.

nonmember avatar CoproManiac

"highest documentary crowdfund raise in history." Why do people have to pay yet another $19,99 to buy it?

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