Newtown Turns Moms Into Gun Control Activists (VIDEO)

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Moms MatterThe Newtown tragedy was one of our nation's darkest days, and for moms, news reports about the shootings were especially difficult to take. After all, those children could have been our children. That school could have been our neighborhood school. Those teachers could have been our kids' teachers.

For days afterward, I walked around in a funk, crying at the slightest provocation. And as it turned out, I was far from alone. Across the country, thousands upon thousands of moms were reacting the very same way -- and today, as a result of that feeling, a nationwide organization of moms has formed that's dedicated to making sure a tragedy like Newtown never happens again.

Check out our Moms Matter video report after the jump. Then tell us in the comments if you think these moms could -- or should -- make a difference when it comes to gun control laws in America.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America can be found online here, and you can find out on the website if a chapter has formed in your area.

Here in Nashville, the group, which only formed a few months ago, now has more than 300 members. Local moms here have already visited legislators at the statehouse, made countless calls, sent out hundreds of emails, and held a stroller stroll to raise awareness about their organization.

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I found it really interesting that this marks the first time most of these moms have taken on an activist role. I think their inexperience is exactly what makes them so compelling -- you get the sense that they're operating well outside of their comfort zone because they care so much about their cause.

I also appreciated their willingness to have respectful, open dialogue with moms who disagree with them. Every member I talked to, some of whom own guns themselves, said that their ultimate goal was probably the same as that of every other mom: to keep our kids safe. They all felt that with that in mind, finding a common ground with other moms was totally possible. In a world where so many seem consumed by their own opinions and unwilling to listen to those of anyone else, this was refreshing.

How do you feel about this group of moms? Do you think they can make a difference? Or do you believe they're going about it the wrong way?


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nonmember avatar ThatGirl

Why is it that none of these people became activists before now? This was not the first mass shooting in our history and innocent kids have been shot and killed every day in this country. I know that human nature influences us to be more motivated by tragedies that 'hit home' but it seems that no one thought something HAD to be done NOW until something awful happened to kids that looked like theirs. We all hear about the deaths of children in DC and Chicago, etc. so it's no like we don't know that it happens. It is all tragic, no matter what, but to me it isn't worse to lose 10 or 20 kids at once than to lose 10-20 individual kids to gun violence. Lives lost all have equal value and all these kids had a right to be safe no matter where they were, be it in school or in their own homes or walking down the street with their parents. It just gets to me in a bad way when all the hand wringing and activism starts only after white suburban kids get hurt. It's almost like it's 'expected' in those 'bad' neighborhoods but NOT where the middle class white people live. That results in people treating Newtown like it is more of a tragedy than all the violence that happens to people everywhere else. It has been the same with drugs; people look the other way when inner city kids are doing drugs like crack but when our suburban kids start having issues with it it is all of a sudden a major problem that cannot be ignored.

Elizabeth Stuevens-Mitchell

Funny, this horrible tragedy did the exact opposite for this mom. My husband and I purchased three more guns after this tragedy, and they were nicely placed in our safe. This tragedy made it more apparent that there are some mentally sick individuals out there and I have a duty and responsibility to protect my family. I will NEVER understand how taking guns away from law abiding citizens will lower gun violence. News flash: criminals and the insane don't follow the laws of the land.

Nancy... NancyJ422

If anyone watched the 60 Minutes story with the Newtown families and about the recent ban on large capacity magazines for guns, you would have heard them say - banning guns is NOT the answer.  

They also said they know that mental health issues need to be dealt with but the first and what they felt (probably) passable laws were for the Universal Background Check and the magazines of no more than 10 bullets.  The Universal Background Check is a common sense No Brainer.

As to why "these people" didn't become activists before?  Well, for the same reason Ultrasounds following mammograms of women with dense breasts weren't covered until about 3 years ago.  BECAUSE IT HAPPENED TO SOMEONE THEY LOVED.  I have NO problem with that.  I say go for it, more power to them.  But more importantly, I am so so so sorry that you lost your 6 year old son or daughter.  At least now SOMEONE is doing something about it.

LolaLoo LolaLoo

It turned me into an activist too. A stay the hell away from my kid and my property activist- and that does NOT include gun control. Unlike everyone who is in their yuppie utopia, being a logical person, I understand that gun control CANNOT and WILL NOT stop all murders!!! People are ridiculous thinking that taking guns away or making them harder to get will stop tragedies from happening. Ever hear of prisoners? Yeah, they are completely locked up, and watched constantly, yet they still manage to create weapons out of nothing and kill eachother. Sorry, but I'm not going to subscribe to this liberal fantasy. Newtown was a tragedy, which is why there should be MORE guns. Armed guards at schools will solve MANY of the problems. Period. Don't take away guns from innocent people so the criminals have more of a chance. 

pj2be... pj2becca21

I have alway been a Anti- gun control activist! Why do legal law biding citizens have to suffer because some crazy man shoot up a school. it not right. we need to work on mental health before we take away more rights of the citzens. 

femal... femaleMIKE

I think this is just a way for them to feel like they have some control over the situation.  There really is no way to prevent a tragedy until after it happens. 

babym... babymomma0306

I disagree, why do you think it's going to help? Because we all know how criminals are going to obey the gun laws. *rolls eyes* That just means you won't have a gun to protect yourself when they come to rape and kill you & your children.

Zenia6 Zenia6

"Criminals don't follow laws" is an argument that needs to be shelved. We would have no laws at all if we followed that logic. Universal background checks and registration make sense.  I feel like I need protection from is all the "responsible" gun owners who seem to think they are all Rambo and must be armed to the teeth.

fade2... fade2blue82

It has turned me into an activist against  psychiatric drugs.  Every single school shooter has had this one thing in common.  There's a lot on this out there right now. Read up before the government outlaws truth along with guns.


KWnav... KWnavywife

You want to keep your kids safe from crazies like Lanza? Place an ARMED security guard at the school. Ever notice that when people are in danger they call the people they KNOW have guns? (ie the police). If more law abiding citizens would stop being terrified of a piece of metal and figure out that its the criminals- you know, the people who have NO RESPECT or REGARD for the law- that benefit from gun control laws, maybe we could prevent another tragedy like this from happening. 

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