Teen Boy Allegedly Sexually Assaulted By Four 200-Pound Women

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We're so accustomed to reading about sexual assaults of women in the news that when you hear one about a man being sexually assaulted, your first reaction is almost disbelief. Or you even want to crack a joke about it (if you're not out to win any sensitivity awards, that is). But police say it's not that uncommon that men are sexually assaulted by a woman. And one 19-year-old man in Toronto says he was sexually assaulted by not just one woman -- but four!

Reportedly, the unidentified teen met the women -- who authorities say were in their 30s and all weighed about 200 pounds -- at a nightclub. When they left, the women apparently offered him a ride home and he accepted. But instead of driving him home, the women drove him elsewhere, and then he claims all four sexually assaulted him. A detective on the case said that it's "not completely unusual" for a man to file a sexual assault report against a woman.

One source says that five percent of rapes reported in the U.S. are those of men doing the reporting. In some states a man can't even claim he was raped because his assault wouldn't meet the definition of "forcible rape," which would require penetration.

I can really only think how brave this teen boy was to walk into a police station in Toronto and report the assault by four grown women. He, of course, should have absolutely no reason to be ashamed about that any more than if a teen girl was gang banged by four men -- but you can only imagine that he probably worried that he wouldn't be taken seriously, or would be doubted, or even laughed at and told it wasn't a big deal. Hell, that happens to women, so it probably happens even moreso to men reporting sex crimes against them by women.

But four 200-pound women could have easily overpowered this teen. We don't know what happened, none of us were there. But is it possible for a man to be raped? Absolutely. And I hope everyone he tells this to -- be it friends or family or whomever -- realizes this and takes it seriously.

Do you know any men who have been sexually assaulted?


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mande... manderspanders

Don't really think that weight is relevant to this story.  In fact, just because some is FAT doesn't mean that they are STRONG. Kiri, I don't see you posting articles about women raped by 200lb or 300lb men...because it isn't relevant; all that is relevant is that a crime occurred, and although this may be unusual to report, it isn't necessary to include that "detail".

Rape can and does happen to men.  Obviously it can happen to any person, any age, any gender, any size, any race.  The sad thing is that while women have made great strides in getting rape recognized, getting laws changed, and getting medical/counseling services in place for *female* victims, all that lobbying has done a disservice to others who may be victims as well (men, transgenders, and gays/lesbians).

Rootbear Rootbear

He is an ADULT!!!!!! Teen boy. Give me a break.

LuvMy... LuvMyDandD

Do you need to say gang banged or do you not have a wide vocabulary?

nonmember avatar Meghan

@Rootbear So what? The fact that he's actually legally an adult makes it ok?

Nelli... NellieAthome

Meghan - Ms Kiri Blakeley tries to create the most salacious headline/story possible by slanting the facts. No, it is not OK because he is a an adult but "teen boy" makes it sound like a minor was assaulted.  Had the 19 year old been the assailant rather than the victim Ms Blakeley would have labeled him a "man". This is the same reason Ms Blakeley sensationalizes the womens weight. Never has she noted "200 pound man assaults girl". The womens weight is immaterial to the story and mentioning it simply serves to highlight Ms Blakeley's personal prejudices.

Nelli... NellieAthome

manderspaders is correct that weight does not matter, OTOH, 200 pounds is not always "fat".  My cousin is 205 pounds but she is also 6 feet 2 inches tall. My neighbor weighs 140 and is plump since she is only 4 feet 10 inches tall.

Mommi... MommietoJB

The weight is mentioned because it doesnt make quite sense if he was raped by 4 women weighing 110lbs. People would be asking how did a grown man get overpowered by such petite women. My mother is 200lbs, 5'2 and she is much stronger than either me or my sister and we weigh 120lbs and are 5'5. Weight does matter in telling this story because its a man being assaulted, we automatically assume he should be strong enough to fight back against a woman.

Rootbear Rootbear

No Meghan. Why would that make it ok? I'm just saying, he isn't a BOY.

Serab... Serabelle

I also don't like that she is classifying this MAN as a BOY, he's 19, I don't know any 19 year old males that appreciate being referred to as a child, nor do I know 19 year old women that appreciate that either. What happened is wrong, the women's weight is irrelevant. I know a 130 lb woman who is much stronger than most 200 lb men I know, she's been practicing martial arts for years and can take any man I know, but most people would never see her as a threat. I agree that the writer has sensationalized this story unnecessarily, which to me distracts from the true issue. Men can be raped as easily as women, regardless of age or size of participants.

nonmember avatar American Expat

Sigh...I'm too ugly to be lucky enough for something like this to happen to me. :(

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