Mom Kills Herself in Jail Before Court Can Punish Her for Killing Kids

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bath tubThere's tragic news out of Los Angeles this week. Lorna Valle, the mother accused of drowning her young daughters in the family bathtub last year, has died. Police say the mom killed herself in jail where she was awaiting trial for the deaths of 5-year-old Marian and 1-year-old Lindsay. She'd just learned that she would likely face the death penalty if convicted.

Some may say good riddance, even celebrate the death of the type of monster who would kill children. But Valle's death only goes to heighten the tragic nature of this entire case.

In committing suicide in jail, Valle has proven that she is mentally unstable. She cemented the explanation for why she did the unspeakable to her children.

And yet, the explanation is moot.

Valle is gone. There is no getting her help.

No more than there was for her kids last February.

After the girls' deaths, there were numerous reports that Valle was possibly suicidal, that she struggled with depression. There was talk that the girls' father had pushed her to get help and she had not. It was the father who came home from the grocery store and found his daughters being drowned. Lindsay was already dead. Marian would hang on for a few days in a hospital before dying as well.

The reports gave an explanation as to why a mother would do something so horrible (not an excuse, mind, there is no excuse for killing a child, and certainly not drowning your own children). But it was too late. The kids were gone. There was no way to go back and get their mother some help to save their lives.

And now there is no way to go back, to get Lorna Valle, to save whatever life she would have had left after the death of her babies.

What are you thoughts on this whole sad case?


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LostS... LostSoul88

mental illness or not the bitch is dead. She kiled to babies and doesn't deserve to live. 

fave82 fave82

Her killing herself doesnt prove that she was mentally unstable when she killed her children, it proves that she knew she was guilty and she was a coward who didn't want to pay the price.

nonmember avatar Jelly

I agree with LostSoul88. Good riddance to the evil bitch. One less drain on society anyway. She killed her babies and taxpayers are expected to feed and provide a home for her. Even if she had been given the death penatly, it wouldn't even make a difference for what 15 to 25 years once she had run through all of her appeals? She did us all a favor.

nonmember avatar CassieA

I could care less about getting help for someone who has already killed her kids. There is no living a normal life after that, not that she deserved one. It almost seem like she is being portrayed as a victim. I've experienced extreme depression and not once did it occur to me to kill my three beautiful babies.

Melissa Smith Mitchell Wise

Good riddance. One less person that for the next 20 years that every hard working person has to pay for. She was not mentally unstable, just guilty as the rest of the baby killers out there. She knew that she had done wrong, and did a great thing by killing herself, and not having us pay for it.

nonmember avatar Lydia

Why are other women ganging up and bashing on other women??? It's bad enough our media and news are more misogynist than talaban, but when we are constantly and unjustly attacking each other, it's a travesty! Why are you so blind, anyone with eyes can tell poor Lorna was driven to do this by her evil husband! He never care about her, he was abusive to her, mentally cruel, probably hurt the kids enough times, he was just your typical normal man. This woman needed our love, compassion, and our protection from men! As long as we women keep denying the evil of men, children will continue to be killed!

FocoYou FocoMe

I don't hate this lady, but there is proof that more mental health is needed. this lady didn't get the appropriate help, and as long as no help is given to the mentally ill, more tragic incidents will continue to happen!

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