'Frozen Baby Mom' Gets Punishment She Deserves for Killing Newborn

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katie stockton frozen baby momKatie Stockton, the 32-year-old woman from Illinois who left her healthy newborn daughter on a rural highway in the middle of winter to freeze to death, was just sentenced to 50 years in prison.

The frozen baby's remains were found in December 2004 and she became known as "Baby Crystal." Investigators questioned Stockton immediately after the body was discovered, and she reportedly lifted her shirt and asked them if she looked like she had just given birth. The murderer mom wasn't ultimately arrested until 2009 when the police finally had the DNA evidence they needed to nail her.

Stockton did not admit to killing her baby until February of this year.

Apparently, Stockton hid her pregnancy from friends and family (who had their suspicions) and gave birth to the baby in secret. Then she stuffed the baby into a shopping bag and left it on the road. Because of the frigid temperatures, the baby was perfectly preserved. After she was arrested in 2009, investigators searched Stockton's car, which had been sitting in an impound lot for a year. There they found the decomposed skeletal remains of two other infant girls stuffed in separate plastic bags (the babies had different fathers). Stockton hasn't been charged in those deaths but before handing down his sentence, the judge did allow testimony concerning the crime.

It also turns out that Stockton once tried to hide another pregnancy -- that of her now 12-year-old son -- but her mother (who testified on her behalf) discovered her "in the nick of time."

Stockton's crime(s) were atrocious. None of us can ever quite comprehend a mother taking her own child's life, but is the 50-year sentence fair? Interestingly, her attorney asked that she be kept in prison about 25 years -- only until her "child-bearing years were finished." He said Stockton's one incredible failing is her "inability to face the fact of her pregnancy."

Stockton isn't a total monster without remorse, and she did express regret at the sentencing:

I was in a very dark place for many years. I apologize to those I hurt and ask forgiveness. I’m truly sorry for the pain and hurt they have endured.

And she is a drug addict.

Her mom said she was a happy girl whose life started to go downhill in high school. Should we feel sorry for her? Give her leniency? Put her into rehab?

I do wonder.

But I don't think so.

Three beautiful babies are gone -- and who knows, there could be more. It's the repetition of her crime that is horrifying. This isn't a woman who, strung out on drugs, left her baby to die. She did it again and again. She lied about it. She tried to cover it up. She deserves what she got. They have rehab in prison. She can get better there.

Do you think drug addiction is an excuse for these crimes? Does this woman deserve prison time?



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Super... SuperIndy08

She only feels sorry that she got caught. 

Setsuki Setsuki

I don't feel pity for her in the least bit. If her own mother has to say she saved the one in the nick of time I would be scared since her mom even acknowledges that her child is messed up. She deserves to rot in jail.

jalaz77 jalaz77

What the hell? There were 2 more? Didn't know that til today. She should of gotten her tubes tied. Drugs are no excuse. These deaths were planned out. It's not like the babies fell out of her dead. It's not hard to go to the hospital, give birth and walk away. These pregnancies probably wouldn't of disappointed her family and friends, her drug addiction already did that. She is a monster and disgusting.

cudybug cudybug

She deserves to freeze and starve to death! This is exactly why court order sterilization should be legal! Sickening!

sassy... sassykat122

If a father had done this no one would have compassion. Mothers can be monsters too. She killed three people. Life is what she deserves

ollie... olliespunkma

Hopefully she can be convicted for the other 2 babie 50 years isn't long enough...drug addicts can get abortions from state ( welfare) insurance.

Craft... CraftyJenna

This is what the dealth penalty is for. 

Maria Dickinson

I know drug addicts and they would never do that to their kids!! There is always another alternative if you cant take care of them. There are a lot of good people who cant have kids of their own that would have taken those 3 beautiful babies. She went through the whole pregnancys and deliveries if she can kill them than she should have been able to give them up as well that's what she did anyway she just took it apon herself to play god and that wasn't fair to those children. I think she should be stuffed in a garbage bag tied up so she cant move and left on the road in the middle of winter and that's not even just punishment as far as im concerned!!!!

tuffy... tuffymama

She murdered AT LEAST three babies, with potentially 80 or more years ahead of them, each. Hmmm... Lets see. 3x80=240 years, so I think she should be put away for at least that long, or just hang the bitch since she won't live long enough to serve her sentence anyway. Hang her high so we can all watch her swing.

chips... chipsnhow

Tuffymama EXACTLY

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