Woman's April Fools' 'Murder' Almost Gets Her Arrested (VIDEO)

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Get this woman -- and the whole town -- a reality show STAT! Susan Tammy Hudson likes to pull practical jokes, and April Fools' Day is her favorite holiday. But this year the joke backfired on her big time and she almost ended up dead or in the clink. Susan, who lives in Tennessee, called her sister on April 1st and confessed something horrible. She had killed her husband. Things only get funnier (weirder) from there.

Susan relays that she told her sister, Helen, "I shot my husband, I'm cleaning up the mess, let's go bury him in Blackwater."

So much for family loyalty. Susan had barely hung up the phone when word got out about her "murder" and cops swarmed her house with guns drawn. "The response was excellent," Susan deadpans.

She was placed under arrest but let go once her bewildered husband arrived home -- alive.

April Fools' jokes can have a way of backfiring -- like the teen girl who told her boyfriend she was pregnant and ended up stabbing him when she didn't like his reaction.

But Susan and her husband took the backfiring joke in stride. She even seems to forgiven her sister for turning her in so quickly. Seriously, this is a sister you do not want to share your deep, dark secrets with. It all could have ended up terribly -- if Susan had made one wrong move, who knows what could have happened with a bunch of guns in her face?

But somehow you feel the family will get through it all just fine and have something to chuckle about for a long time to come. Don't you just want to have a drink with them and hear them tell the April Fools' fail tale one more time?

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roman... romanceparty4u


Some sister!

I have friends I could call anytime to help dispose and they wouldn't ever rat me out.

Sandy Anders

Someone married her?????

kateh... katehaydensmom

my little brother (12) at the time took red ink from the printer and sprayed it on the floor and made drag marks on the floor so when my mom came home she freaked my little brother hidding in her closet popped out at her and she wanted to kill him lol some pranks just get a little too carried away 


Harle... Harleysmom213

i guess we know which sister to trust. and the police get an A+ for arriving quickly and being able to resolve the issue without violence.

mybab... mybabiesmama916

Someone married you Sandy? You're not much of a looker either at least her personality is awsome!!

LostS... LostSoul88

^^ LOL just what I was about to say^^ 

krazi... kraziandkoul

Seriously Sandy? Wow. 

As for the prank, I hate April Fool's day. My mother committed suicide on 4-1-06. She always loved the holiday, and all day I was waiting to get a call saying it was all a (terrible) April Fools prank, but it never came.  I think pranks THIS outrageous are pretty cruel.

Heath... HeatherMazzone

I don't think I would ever talk to the sister again. Lol. No family loyalty!

And Sandy, there is someone for everybody. I truly believe that. Believe it or not some guys actually do care more about personality and character than looks.

Kelly Cook

I thinks its hilarious, except that u find out ur sister cantclapping keep a secret when it really counts!

Sherie Davis Rowe

Why should the whole town have a reality show. They responded in the way they were supposed to. I happen to live nearby and I take offense to the thought that everyone who lives here falls into the same box as her. Besides, it was pretty funny! 

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